5 Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Office Chair

Whether you’re moving into a new office or planning to replace your old office chair, choosing the best office chair is a big decision that affects your health and productivity.

It's easy to purchase an uncomfortable chair because you like how it looks, and it has a pocket-friendly price tag—without taking note of the practicality of its use.

Finding the right chair for your needs can be tricky because you won’t know if it has the desired qualities until days after buying it. That's why the best office chairs should have adjustable features that can conform to your anatomical needs and don’t wear off within a short period.

Right off the bat, the best office chair to buy is an ergonomic mesh office chair.

It has adjustable features that help maintain your normal body structure. The mesh fabric and steel frame make it more durable.

As you look for your office chair, ask yourself the following questions with every chair that catches your eye:

  • Does it promote good spinal health? 
  • Is it made from durable material? 
  • Does it achieve its purpose?
  • Is it pocket-friendly as a long-term investment?
  • Is it aesthetically appealing?

Today, you’ll find a detailed answer to these questions.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Office Chair 

Most people spend 6–9 hours per day in their office chairs. Getting a chair that meets your most pressing needs will help you achieve your goals with minimum effort—while keeping you comfortable and productive.

Below we’re going to talk about five factors that The Office Oasis Ergonomic Mesh Chair includes to show why it’s the best office chair you should look for.

Adjustable seat height with seat tilt tension
Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Factor #1. Promotes Good Musculoskeletal Health

The leading cause of workplace absenteeism in America is musculoskeletal issues. Ergonomic companies like The Office Oasis efficiently solve this problem by producing the best ergonomic office chairs.

The ergonomic mesh chair promotes good musculoskeletal health because every part supports specific body parts.

Here's a table to explain how each part supports your muscles, spine, and bones.

Part of The Ergonomic Chair Anatomy Targeted Purpose
Adjustable headrest Neck muscles Prevents neck pain and tension headache
Breathable mesh back rest Trunk (whole back) and spine Prevents overheating and conforms to your body shape for better comfort
Adjustable armrests Arm and shoulder muscles Adjustable arms promote comfort by preventing shoulder and upper arm pain
Adjustable lumbar support Spine Its height adjustable feature prevents back pain by taking the shape of the spine
Padded seat cushion with water and stain-resistant fabric Pelvic bone and hip muscles Relieves pressure from the hips and pelvis, which reduces sitting discomfort
Rollerblade chair wheels Lower limb muscles Enables easy gliding, which prevents leg and hip muscle cramps. The wheels make the seat qualify as a freedom chair

Whew, with these features, The Office Oasis ergonomic office chair qualifies as an executive chair.

Factor #2. Stands the Test of Time

Nothing takes the life out of you more than investing in an office chair that breaks down in under a year.

On average, a good office chair should last between 5–7years. Some go up to 10 years,depending on the brand and the number of hours per day you use it.

Even with the best budget office chair, you need to read the product description to have an idea of the material used to make the seat cushion, fabric, and frame to determine the timeline.

The cushion used to make the padded seat has to withstand your body weight and maintain its shape. An ergonomic seat cushion is best designed to bounce back to its original form, has greater seat depth, and assists in lumbar support.

Leather and vinyl are easy to wipe and maintain, but they absorb body heat and take time to conform to your body shape compared to mesh desk chairs.

An ergonomic office chair made with a steel frame lasts longer because steel allows features such as:

  • Height adjustment
  • Adjustable seat 
  • Higher weight limit
  • Efficient tilt mechanism

These qualities reduce the fidgeting in your seat once you adjust to your comfort level—which helps prevent fast wear and tear.

Factor #3. Achieves Its Purpose

How many hours do you intend to sit on your chair? Do you perform multiple tasks across a long desk? Do you plan to share it with someone else? Is it a home office chair?

These are the questions you need to have in mind as you look for the best office chair.

If you sit 6–9 hours a day, every day of the week, you need a durable, comfortable, and padded seat.

You can get away with a relatively cheap office chair with limited ergonomic benefits if you sit less than six hours a day, but are you willing to pay the price with your well-being?

If you work across a long desk, an office chair with rollerblade wheels is the perfect choice for you. It will improve productivity and reduce fatigue caused by repeated standing and movement.

Desk chairs used by more than one person need to factor in different body sizes. The best office chairs, in this case, must have adjustable features. You should adjust the height for proper lumbar support and adjust the seat for pelvic comfort.

Working from home means spending time on your chair more than the regular 8–5 working hours. Owning a comfortable office chair as opposed to a cheap office chair is paramount for the sake of your productivity and well-being.

Factor #4. Pocket-Friendly as a Long-Term Investment

You can get an office seat for as low as $25, but the disadvantages outweigh the benefits. The downside of such a seat include:

  • Long-term discomfort
  • Multiple repairs and maintenance costs
  • Shorter life span 
  • Aesthetically unappealing

Investing in a good desk chair with a realistic price tag will pay off by promoting efficient work production, reducing musculoskeletal injuries, and withstanding the long hours.

When buying a seat, some additional costs to plan for include shipping fee, installation fee, and return costs. The Office Oasis guarantees that you only pay for the best ergonomic office chair with no extra charges.

Our Feel-Good Guarantee
Our Feel-Good Guarantee

Factor #5. Blends Well With the Overall Office Appearance

Studies reveal that the design, furniture, and arrangement of the office space impact productivity.

Poorly designed offices with uncomfortable furniture lead to:

  • Increased stress
  • Low morale
  • Problems concentrating.

What better way to avoid these outcomes than to buy office furniture and office accessories that accentuate your vibe?

Getting an office chair that blends well with the size and arrangement of your office helps to bring out the theme and style you aim for. A long ergonomic mesh chair gives your room a sleek executive look.

Most office chairs are black as it blends well with any office design.

You can pair your black ergonomic mesh chair with this light brown computer stand or this silver and brown computer monitor stand.

Here's the combination with the computer stand.

Home Office
Small Computer Desk

Why an Ergonomic Office Chair and Not the Regular Office Desk Chair?

Studies reveal that 74% of American office workers experience back, neck, or muscular pain several times a week while using a regular desk chair.

The Washington state department of labor and industries followed up on 4,000 workers who switched to ergonomic office furniture and found that it reduced absenteeism by 75%, workplace errors decreased by 56%, and time given to tasks increased by 40%.

Ergonomic mesh office chairs are the best office chairs because they are:

  • Customized to fit different body sizes
  • Able to give good spinal and lumbar support
  • Able to Conform to your body shape
  • Capable of Reducing pressure from your hip and pelvic region
  • Made with top-notch rollerblade office chair wheels
  • Able to give you good aeration due to the mesh back

The Office Oasis Supplies You With the Best Office Chair 

Your search is over. The Office Oasis ergonomic mesh office chair checks all the factors and is most suitable for you. With over 80% five stars rating, you cannot go wrong with this comfortable office chair.

Monte M. Customer Review
Monte M. | Customer Review

You can say goodbye to the long nights of massaging your aching neck and taking your back meds due to the constant back pain.

Look forward to working each day in an ergonomic office chair that has your back.

Place your order today, and experience the joy of working without body aches.

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