What Makes a Fabric Office Chair Ergonomic?

An ergonomic office chair is made of breathable fabric such as mesh. This ensures that you have fresh air circulation on your back when you sit on it.

Should you sweat, it quickly evaporates. This isn’t the case with other chair materials like leather.

The ergonomic office chair is manufactured with your utmost comfort in mind. Designers understand that a tranquil mind is a productive mind. That’s mainly why these chairs exist.

“Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.”

—Oxford Dictionary

In addition, your health is taken into account.

Several adjustments are found on this piece of furniture. The idea is for you, the user, to have the liberty to change parameters like height in relation to the desk and the degree to which you tilt your head or upper body.

Contrary to this, regular office chairs are responsible for bad posture and its serious ramifications.

Let’s explore the supplementary features that are expertly woven into the ergonomic office chair for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Spinal Support

In America, back pain is the sixth most costly condition and a whopping 65 million people report a recent episode of the same.

It comes as no surprise therefore that office chair manufacturers are investing a lot of time and resources to provide furniture solutions to this widespread affliction.

Ergonomic office chairs are endowed with two main features that prevent or soothe back pain. 

Lumbar Support

The red-labeled part in the image below is the lumbar spine. 

Lumbar vertebra

The lumbar region (the lower spine) is mainly responsible for bearing the weight of the upper body.

Naturally, after long periods of sitting in the same position, the lumbar muscles get tired. This is when you find yourself in a slouching position—a very bad posture with serious long-term effects on your back.

This disaster is curbed by the ideal office chair. It comes with inbuilt lumbar support which helps keep your lumbar in position to support your spine.

This way you can sit on your chair for hours without feeling the strain on your back.

“Without lumbar back support, it's more difficult to maintain the correct posture - and the lumbar spine and large muscles in the lower back have to work harder to support the proper curvature and alignment.”—SPINE-health

Curved Backrest 

The curvature of the backrest is designed in an ‘S-shape.’ This is to reinforce the spine’s natural form. In its most natural position, your spine can best support your neck and head.

Furthermore, this back support feature should be adjustable to allow you to occasionally make back and forth movement of your entire upper body. This counts as a passive workout incorporated into your work schedule.

Non-ergonomic office chairs, on the other hand, have flat backrests which strain your spine.

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
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Cushioned Seat Depth

No doubt a cushioned seat feels measurably more comfortable than with no buffer. But what’s the explanation behind this convenience?

When sitting on a hard surface, pressure is directed to your hips seeing as they are the ones carrying the upper body weight. Also, they are in direct contact with the seat.

Thick padding is a recommended quality to look for in your next office chair.

To provide extra comfort, ergonomic office chairs have more seat depth than regular ones. This usually ranges from 2 to 4 inches from the back of the knees to the point joining the backrest.

Adjustable Armrests

Considering that chair users vary greatly in height and size, it is only logical that a well-thought-out design for a chair has adjustable armrests.

That way you can calibrate them to the perfect height that minimizes arm fatigue for you. In the event that you pass the chair on to someone else, the new user is free to re-adjust the armrests.

High-end ergonomic chairs have armrests that are horizontally adjustable as well. This caters to people of all body types.

Flexible Head Support

The average adult head weighs 11 lbs.

This weight equals that of 8 basketballs!

It’s clear now why you constantly feel the need to support your head while sitting on your chair, isn’t it?

Your neck muscles certainly get tired after a while of supporting this massive weight.

It is then that a good chair comes in handy with its flexible head support. Ergonomic office chairs have headrests that allow you to place your head in any comfortable position for as long as you need the relief.

Adjustable Height

The best sitting position while working on your desk is with your feet resting flat on the floor or on a footrest.

Your knees ought to be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Regardless of the number of hours you spend seated, your legs won’t hurt if you maintain this recommended stance.

An ergonomic fabric office chair facilitates this ideal position by means of an adjustable height feature under the chair base.

With this kind, your height isn’t a cause for concern because you get to customize the chair’s height appropriately. All you need to do is adjust the lever or knob attached to the base.

Displacement Features

You want a chair that allows you to conveniently move to any part of your office any time you wish to, don’t you?

Sometimes all you need is a quick turn around perhaps to grab something behind you.

Look out for the following attributes in the office chair:

Good Swivel

The central leg under the seat should be connected in such a way as to allow for a 360-degree spin. This way you don’t need to stand up just to reach out to something on the side or even behind you.

A lot of time is saved by this aspect.

Caster Wheels 

They allow for smooth rolling across the room, minimizing fatigue in your workspace.

Casters are a small and yet essential part of the office chair.

Rollerblade casters are rapidly replacing traditional nylon casters because of their many benefits to hardwood floors.

They also come with comfort benefits for you. For starters, they are remarkably less noisy when they move.

In comparison, their hard plastic counterparts produce annoying squeaky sounds whenever you move.

Next, they allow you to slide around much faster because they offer less resistance to the floor. Thanks to their soft outer covers.

In 2021 and beyond, a chair designed to keep you as comfortable and as efficient as possible in the office must have these new wheel types.

Good news: You can change your old casters for the new and improved rollerblade ones today. The process is simple and the standard size that they come in guarantees that they fit in with no hassle.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Are Friendly to Your Muscles

In conclusion, a good ergonomic chair will do justice to these essential muscles in your body.

Chair feature Preserved Body Muscles
Lumbar support Lower spine
Curved Backrest Spine
Cushioned seat depth Hips
Adjustable armrests Arms
Flexible head support Neck
Adjustable height Neck and legs
Displacement features All muscles*

*By preventing unnecessary movement, the displacement features curb fatigue of the entire body.

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