7 Ergonomic Benefits of Working on a Mesh Office Chair

The first record of a chair being adapted for office use dates back to 1849. In fact, Charles Darwin is credited with creating the first office chair. Darwin wanted faster access to his specimens so he added wheels to his wooden armchair.

Today, we generally take office chairs for granted; but their role in our lives is significant because they impact our health.

At The Office Oasis, our goal is to provide customers with functional and modern office essentials that both look and feel good. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of everything you should know about ergonomic mesh chairs.

What Is an Ergonomic Chair?

An ergonomic chair is a chair specially designed to provide the user with a neutral body position — a comfortable working posture in which all joints are naturally aligned.

The first ergonomic office chair was invented by William Stumpf in 1976. It was designed to provide comfort and support, with features such as spine support and adjustable height.

Ergonomic chairs are costlier than other kinds of office chairs, but they’re a worthwhile investment in your health. They’ll help prevent back and shoulder pain caused by bad posture or disorders such as cervical spondylosis.

The ergonomic features of a quality office chair include:

  • Adjustable armrests, seat height, and headrest 
  • Adjustable tilt and lock functions
  • Stable base
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Easy swiveling

Health Benefits of Ergonomic Mesh Chairs

Posture Support

Do you spend all day hunched over your desk? You’re not the only one. Traditional chairs put a strain on your spine, and are one of the most common causes of bad posture.

This won’t happen with ergonomic chairs, because they have all the features to support your posture, including a well-designed:

  • Backrest
  • Headrest
  • Armrest

What’s more, ergonomic chairs are fully adjustable, allowing you can to sit with your knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor and your feet firmly planted.

By being fully adjustable, ergonomic chairs support all your joints and ensure you have the correct sitting posture.

Lumbar Support

Did you know? The lumbar spine — your lower back — has an inward curve. If you sit for long periods without any lumbar curve support, chances are you’ll end up slouching. Slouching leads to flattening your natural curve, which strains your lower spine structures.

How do ergonomic chairs stop this from happening? They have height and depth lumbar adjustment. This means that each user can get a perfect custom fit — one that will support their spinal curvature.

If you’re interested, read more about lumbar spine anatomy and pain.

Spinal Support

We talked about lumbar support; now it’s time for spinal support. The spine is the pillar that props up your upper torso and head.

Spending a lot of time sitting bent over means that the muscles supporting the upper torso will get worn down. Then there’s more pressure on the spine to compensate, which leads to pinched nerves and backache.

Over time, this can even lead to reduced mobility functions.

The remedy, you guessed it, is an ergonomic office chair. Compared to traditional office chairs, ergonomic varieties have a high enough backrest to provide support for the entire back.

The backrest matches the natural spinal curvature and keeps your position upright.

Our advice: Choose an adjustable backrest, so you can adjust the height to your unique shape.

Another tip is to choose an office chair with an adjustable tilt function, giving you a perfect ergonomic working position. This will improve your long-term physical health, and can even make you more productive.

Neck Support

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
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The human head weighs around 11 lbs, but it’s supported by only 7 vertebrae and 20 neck muscles. A typical 8-hour workday spent sitting causes excessive strain for the neck muscles. Not having neck support leads to neck stiffness, which can cause cervical spondylosis — cartilage loss in the vertebrae.

The answer is an ergonomic office chair with an adjustable headrest. It’ll help to correctly position your head all day long. It also helps with easing muscle strain, which is affected by the stillness required for computer work.

An ergonomic headrest will support your neck even when you stretch out, and it’s a great feature if you spend a lot of time answering phone calls.

Pro tip: To alleviate neck pain, lift your computer monitor to eye level and move your neck hourly. We already know that keeping active is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This also goes for your neck and shoulders. 

Alleviate Hip Pressure

Traditional chairs usually have a hard surface, which puts more pressure on your hips when you sit.

On the other hand, ergonomic chairs have good seat depth — 2 to 4 inches from the back of the knees. This depth supports your hips.

Another feature not to be disregarded is the padding. There should be enough padding for the chair to be comfortable through long periods of sitting. The best chair seat will contour to your body and spread the weight across a large area, which helps reduce hip pressure.

Our advice: Choose a breathable cloth fabric, such as a soft mesh, which has better give. This is why the best chair designers make chairs with a mesh upholstered seat.


Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Another important feature of ergonomic office chairs is the armrests. These allow your arms to rest comfortably and help prevent stiff shoulders.

The adjustable arms should be positioned at a natural elbow position. Once properly set, the armrests should sit under the elbows when your hands are in your lap.

There shouldn’t be any strain on your elbows and lower arms, but they should rather rest lightly, and your forearm shouldn’t remain on the armrest as you type.

Provide Easy Reach

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The final ergonomic office chair function we’ll mention is the swivel. A good office chair has to be able to easily rotate, so the user can reach all areas of their desk without any straining.

Now that you know the most important ergonomic office chair benefits, let’s talk about mesh office chairs. 

Why Choose Mesh Office Chairs

Breathability and Ventilation

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
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As the mesh back is open, mesh chairs allow air to circulate through the backrest while you’re sitting. What does this mean for you? You’ll be cooler while you work.

An ergonomic mesh chair will reduce your body heat, and you’ll avoid getting that annoying sweaty patch on your back or on the back of your legs on sweltering hot days.

Did you know? This is a huge issue with leather chairs, as they tend to make you sweat more and stick to the chair back, which causes that awful tearing sound when you try to stand up. With breathable mesh chairs, you won’t have this problem.

Easy to Maintain

Because they allow backrest airflow, any sweat on your back dries up quickly, which means you don’t need to regularly clean these chairs. All you need to do is wipe them down with a wet cloth and let them dry.

As the mesh is made to last for a long time, you don’t have rips like you would with a leather or fabric office chair.

Also, because they’re lightweight, they can be moved around easily.

Provides Excellent Support

We already mentioned the many levels of support an ergonomic chair provides. Here’s another reason why an ergonomic mesh office chair is the best option. The ergonomically shaped frame that holds the mesh material is built to provide all the support you need.

A mesh office chair has a backrest that guides your spine into an s-shape. This gives you support for both the lumbar and upper spine and ensures excellent posture.

Mesh office desk chairs help boost your productivity by making you more comfortable for long periods — your mind won’t start drifting to your achy back and sore knees.

Get the Office Chair of Your Dreams at Office Oasis

At Office Oasis, we pride ourselves on providing you with only the best office products. Here’s why our ergonomic mesh office chair is the best on the market:

  • Keeps the floors safe — Our office chair comes with rollerblade caster wheels, which won’t leave any marks on your floors.
  • Keeps your back in good health — You’ll no longer suffer from back pain due to a poorly-designed office chair. 
  • Keeps you comfortable — Never get the office sweats again, thanks to the breathable seat cushion and mesh backrest.

That’s not all. If you’re not completely satisfied with your office chair, we offer a 100-day risk-free trial. We understand what a big commitment buying a new office chair is — and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll give a full refund, plus we’ll cover the return shipping fees.

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Check out more amazing office chair features, and even a video of it in action.

Get your new office best friend today, say goodbye to all the aches and pains, and say hello to a more productive and pain-free workday.

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