Your Simple Guide to an Office Chair Caster Wheel Replacement

Replacing your office chair caster is as easy as ABC, really.

Unless you encounter irregularities such as a non-standard stem size or shape, the process can be done in a few minutes (once you have acquired the replacement caster wheels).

The Basic Structure of the Caster

To simplify the replacement process, familiarize yourself with the different parts of your caster. 

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Here’s a brief description of the three main parts of the caster.

Caster part What it does
Stem This cylindrical part connects the caster to the chair.
Wheel This metal part facilitates the rolling of the office chair.
Outer covering Made of soft rubber to protect the floor from damage.

It’s Time to Replace That Chair Caster

Your office chair caster wheel will give you clear signs that it’s due for replacement. Take heed of them and follow this simple procedure to change your caster(s).

You will need:

  • Work gloves
  • New caster wheels
  • A flathead screwdriver(maybe)
  • Rubber hammer
  • Lubricating oil

Ready? Follow these simple steps:

Remove the Old Caster Wheel

The first thing you want to do is place your office chair upside-down to allow convenient access to the caster. You can also place the chair on its side.

Next, wearing work gloves, get a firm hold of the caster with your primary hand. Your other hand will grab the base of the chair.

Pro Tip: You can use a dry towel in place of the gloves. The idea is to get a good grip on the chair and casters.

Finally, pull out your caster from the rest of the furniture.

remove chair wheels with glove
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If you’re dealing with a threaded stem (see below), you’ll need to twist it clockwise. Once it loosens up, it will be released from the chair. Try twisting it in the opposite direction if it doesn’t budge.

Other office chair casters, however, will be more difficult to remove by hand.. This is when your flathead screwdriver comes in handy.

In such a case, place your screwdriver where your caster meets the chair. Pry against that junction until the caster pops out. 

An Extreme Case

If your caster still won't budge, it may be time to employ a more specialized tool.

Use needle-nosed pliers to loosen and pull out the caster. Tightly grab the stem using the pliers, then twist and wiggle the caster out.

Examine the Chair Caster

Finally, you have your caster in hand. 

Now take a close look at it before buying its replacement to make sure you get the specifications right.

If you’re replacing only one caster in your chair, make sure that you get a new one that matches the rest of them. Consider taking the removed caster with you when you go shopping for its replacement.

In the case of online shopping, you may need to send a picture to your online suppliers if you aren’t sure they sell similar casters. 

Take Note of the Stem Specs

The three most common types of stem casters used in office chairs are the grip neck, the grip ring, and the threaded stem. 

grip ring stem caster grip neck stem caster threaded stem caster stemless caster
How To Replace Chair Wheels - Amazingly Easy Solution

The grip ring stem is by far the most widely used of the three. This type of stem has a metal cylinder shape with a split ring near the top. The grip ring is able to compress and expand. This keeps the stem securely locked into the chair socket after installation.

The grip neck stem is much harder to remove from the socket. You may need to hire professionals to take it out.

Take note of the particular stem type you have on your casters. You want to make sure you get the correct replacement casters to fit your chair’s sockets.

Next, take measurements of the stem diameter and length. You can use calipers to accurately do this. Alternatively, use this method.

The standard size of an office chair caster stem in inches is 7/16 inch diameter x 7/8 inch length.

Get Appropriate Replacement Casters

The next step involves buying the best caster wheels to substitute the ones removed.

We recommend replacing all your chair casters at the same time for these reasons:

  • To ensure that they function and age uniformly
  • To minimize the number of times you undergo the process of replacing your wheels
  • To keep up with changing chair caster technology 

Types of Casters

Let’s take a closer look at the last point.

Most chairs come with regular, cheap rubber casters. These are extremely unfriendly to your hardwood floors.

They easily stick, making it difficult to roll smoothly around your office. As if that’s not enough, they make annoying squeaking sounds when they move.

For these reasons, it’s best to opt for the newest, improved technology in office chair casters. 

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Rollerblade office chair wheels are coated in polyurethane, a soft material. Consequently, they are quieter and they eliminate the risk of damage to your floor.

Why not go ahead and purchase a set of these heavy-duty casters and replace all of them at once?

With these securely fastened under your chair, you won’t need mats or a carpet to protect your floor.

For the convenience they bring, one would imagine that they are expensive. But they aren't; a set of five comes at a highly subsidized price.

Install Your New Caster Wheel

Inserting your new office chair caster wheels is another walk in the park.

Normally with a little bit of force, you can push the replacement caster right into the socket.

Where the grip ring stem is concerned, you’ll hear a clicking sound to confirm that the caster wheel is properly installed. The split ring on the stem compresses as you insert it into the socket and then expands.

If it's a threaded stem, twist the caster until it’s firmly in place.

You may find that the stem is stiff because of its newness. Should this prove to be the case, start by applying oil into the chair groove. WD-40 is perfect for this task.

Next, use a rubber hammer to gently propel the caster in. That should do the trick.

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