3 Factors of Ergonomic Office Chair Wheels

Have you ever wanted to do a spin in your office chair? Just like how billionaires do in the movies.

But you notice your chair:

  • Squeaks all the time 
  • Scratches your beautiful floors 
  • Doesn’t have a smooth roll
  • And the wheels are on the verge of breaking

And your billionaire moment is shuttered.

What’s the solution? Rollerblade office chair wheels from The Office Oasis!

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

Yes. Contrary to the plastic or metal office chair wheels, these rollerblade caster wheels are a smart invention. They comply with the guidelines of the ergonomic design of an office chair.

So how do you know which wheels are best for your office chair? What factors should you look out for?

The Office Oasis goes far and beyond to give you excellent rollerblade office chair wheels that: 

  • Are durable
  • Have a smooth and quiet roll
  • Don’t damage your floors

Durable Office Chair Caster Wheels

The Office Oasis rollerblade wheels are made with long-lasting casters. And the even better news is that they’re easy to remove and replace! (Relax, we’ll explore how to do that further down).

A caster is the part of the office chair wheel that houses the wheel itself and its bracket. When you push the chair, the caster plate aligns the wheel to control their movement.

The entire caster wheel bracket is made of high-grade steel, a type of steel with high yield strength. 

Thus, the office chair wheels are sturdy and have capacity to withstand a lot of weight and movement by evenly redistributing the weight on the office chair. The heavy duty caster wheels by The Office Oasis holds up to 650 lbs as a set of 5. 

“Absolutely the best thing I have bought for my office in the last 3 years. I am a 290 pound weightlifter and I roll around in my office chair on my hardwood floors like I was a Curling puck (or whatever it is called:-) ). No marks, no noise....nothing. Three thumbs up!!!” - Noah

Its ability to redistribute weight limits the possibility of breakage due to overload, meaning it guarantees you years of service.

Rolls Smoothly and Quietly

On a quiet busy day in the office, the last thing you want is a loud squeaky sound coming from your colleague’s chair. It's annoying and immediately disrupts your chain of thoughts. Or you may decide to take a break but your office chair won’t let you roll out of your desk.

Well, all this trouble is caused by the old, plastic or metal wheels of your office chairs. 

Luckily, The Office Oasis’s goal is to help you remain focused and relaxed. 


We design our rollerblade caster wheels with precision ball bearings and heavy-duty riveted axles. The bearings, axel, and 7/16" diameter stem located in the caster swivel slide smoothly against each other to give you a quiet and easy roll. 

casters wheel stem; office chair caster wheel grip ring stem feature; ⅞”diameter wheel
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

“Strong and Smooth Ride

As a disabled vet with a left leg amputation, the Heavy Duty Caster Wheels are just what I needed. They are really great on our tile floors, very quiet and add at least 1 1/2" to the height of the chair. Just enough to reduce the stress of getting up. The quality of the caster wheels is excellent.” - John

Safe for All Floors 

The majority of the conventional seat wheels on the market are made of synthetic hard plastic or metal. Unfortunately, synthetic plastic is notorious for:

  • Scratching floors 
  • Reacting with most floor types and consequently causing discoloration 
  • Ripping off fibers from the carpet/rug
  • Collecting dirt and debris 

In the long run, the wheels clog up and you begin to have difficulty rolling. At this point, they break easily as you try to force the chair to move. What’s worse, the cleaning process is tedious.

plastic office seat wheel clogged up with floor mat fibers
Chair Casters for Hardwood Floors to Protect Your Office

On the brighter side, The Office Oasis uses smooth caster steel that’s compatible with any flooring. The rollerblade caster wheels are encased with soft, polyurethane material (as shown in the picture below).

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

These rubber-like wheels (not to be confused with pure rubber wheels) have a modern and clean design. This type of caster wheel doesn’t collect dirt and won’t clog up.

The polyurethane rubber office seat wheels are also strong enough to withstand corrosion from chemicals, high temperatures, and water. This way, you’re guaranteed that the wheels won’t hold on to moisture or melt as a result of reacting with in-floor heating or spills. 

You can be sure our rollerblade caster wheels remain intact and protect your hardwood floors!

“Great for Use on Hard Floors Without Scratching.

We recently had new luxury vinyl plank flooring installed and the old casters on my desk chair were starting to create scratches. These solved the problem with the added benefit of being both quieter and smoother. No complaints here!” - TT

These polyurethane wheels are also excellent shock-absorbers

That means that the polyurethane acts as a cushion between your office chair and the floor. It absorbs the weight of the chair and reduces noise, so you can adjust your sitting position or slide without damaging the floors or causing disruptions to others. 

Lastly, the polyurethane wheels have more friction compared to plastic, metal, or pure rubber wheels. Higher friction helps you to move better on surfaces without sliding—and that’s why these wheels have a smooth transition between different floor types.

Casters; chair caster wheel with easy glide on any floor type; floor mat; carpet; hardwood
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

“This product is perfect for anyone with hardwood floors, but also works well on carpets. They are much quieter than my original chairs' wheels and I don't have to worry about scratching up my floor anymore.” - Blanca

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Replace My Office Chair Wheels?


First, you’ll need to detach the old furniture wheels by: 

  1. Laying down the chair sideways on the ground.
  2. Gripping the wheel firmly then. 
  3. Pulling the stem from the wheel’s stem until it’s detached from the chair’s socket.

Secondly, install the new rollerblade caster wheels by holding the new wheel and pushing the caster stem into the chair’s socket.

installing casters wheels; office chair caster wheel
How To Replace Chair Wheels - Amazingly Easy Solution

“Love These Wheels for Our Office!

The wheels are constructed of excellent quality materials. They installed very easily and are a perfect fit. I bought 2 sets of these wheels for our office after having a new luxury vinyl floor installed. They glide with ease and after 8 months of use show no sign of wear on our floor. I highly recommend this product.” - Raymond

Note: Check out the step-by-step instructions for an in depth guide on how to remove and install office chair caster wheels.

Most importantly, the office chair casters wheels come with a standard size stem (as shown below).

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

So, it’s that much easier for you to DIY any chairs or stools and transform them into modern and stylish furniture with striking rollerblade casters wheels.

Do I Need to Add a Plastic Floor Mat Under the Office Chair Wheels?

Our rollerblade caster wheels glide perfectly on hardwood, vinyl, laminate, pergo, and tile surfaces. On these floors, you don’t need to add a plastic floor mat.

The only type of surface where the wheels need a plastic floor mat for ease of movement is on a very thick carpet.

Let Us Wheel Your Office Chair the Right Way!

Ready for an upgraded smooth slide into and out of your desk?

The Office Oasis is your one-stop shop for office furniture and accessories. We’ll provide you with a seat that has excellent lumbar support, seat cushions, arm and head rests, and the right wheels. 

Other than comfort, we ensure to give you quality wheels that improve the quiet ambiance of your office space and maintain the state of your floors. 

Our goal is to give you a feel good vibe so that you’re productive and achieve your best at work.

The Office Oasis

Written by The Office Oasis