Facts That Prove Mesh Office Chairs Provide Ergonomic Lumbar Support

The first modern ergonomic office chair dates back to 1849 and was designed by an American inventor named Thomas E Warren.

It was the first chair to exhibit all key features of the modern office chair, such as tilt and recliner movement, a revolving seat, and mobility roller wheels. But there’s one major feature we have today that the first ergonomic chair lacked: Adjustable lumbar support.

Having proper back support is now essential more than ever because the majority of us spend a lot of time in our office chairs - more than 6 hours a day. Therefore, we need ergonomic mesh chairs to provide lumbar support and keep the spine healthy.

Mesh office chairs are specifically designed to keep the user's mid-back in its natural neutral position. This helps prevent back and shoulder pains and corrects disorders caused by poor posture.

How Do Mesh Office Chairs Provide Ergonomic Support?

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Mesh chairs provide ergonomic support and several health benefits due to their unique design. They’re curved inwards to mimic the natural S-shape curve of the back to prevent slouching or leaning forward when working.

Other design features include:

Adjustable Seat Height, Armrest, and Headrest

These three adjustable functions help improve posture. They allow a user to sit with the knees, hips, and elbows at the recommended 90-degree angle.

Here’s what a chiropractor says about the right sitting posture:

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Adjustable seat height allows the user to adjust their eye level to be in line with the computer monitor. This prevents leaning forward and helps avoid neck and shoulder strains.

Likewise, an adjustable armrest and headrest keep the user in an upright position, preventing strains on the elbow and lower arms.

To properly set your armrests, ensure they sit under your elbows when your hands are on the laps. When typing, ensure the forearms aren't on the armrest. Instead, they should rest lightly on your work desk.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

The spine has three natural curves:

  • Cervical curve (upper back)
  • Thoracic curve (mid-back)
  • Lumbar curve (lower back)

The lumbar is curved inward and should be maintained in that position even while sitting.

Sitting for extended periods of time without supporting this curve leads to slouching and strains the lower back, causing back pains.

A quality mesh office chair should provide adjustable width and height lumbar support. This will allow the user to adjust the backrest’s depth and keep the spine in its natural S-shape.

Every user should find the right adjustment setting for their spine curvature.


Ergonomic office chairs either have attached or separated backrests.

For office chairs with the backrest attached to the seat as one piece, the backrest should be adjustable in forward and back angles to provide lumbar support. There should also be a lock mechanism to prevent the backrest from falling too far back or forward.

Office chairs with separated backrests should be adjustable in height and angle to provide natural curved support for the lumbar.

Seat Width and Depth

The width and depth of the seat should be enough to support any user. The recommended standard width for an ergonomic office chair is between 17 and 20 inches.

The depth or length of the seat should allow the user to sit comfortably against the backrest while leaving about 3 inches between the edge of the seat and the back of the knees. At this posture, both the upper back and lower back are held in their natural position.

Additionally, the seat should be thickly padded for comfort over long periods of sitting.

Swivel Mechanism

The swivel feature helps rotate the chair and allows users to reach different areas around the workspace without having to get up from the seat. It’s usually accompanied by the recliner mechanism for comfort and back support.

The feature also lets the user relax and lie back when taking a short work break. 

Benefits of Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs

Better Ventilation

The mesh material allows for air circulation, making mesh office chairs breathable and airy. This cools your back while you sit and eliminates the awful feeling of clothes sticking against sweaty skin - a problem common with leather office chairs.

Overall, this improves the working experience for users and allows them to work longer hours on a desk job.

Easier to Maintain

Due to their minimalist design, mesh office chairs are rather easy to clean. It’s as simple as wiping them with a wet cloth.

Mesh chairs also dry up faster since their material is light and airy. Additionally, you don’t have to clean them often since they don’t collect dust as fast as fabric office chairs.

You also save money that would be otherwise spent on cleaning products when using fabric or leather chairs.

More Durable

Unlike office chairs made from leather and fabric, mesh office chairs don’t fray or rip as they age. Fraying and ripping occur due to prolonged use of cleaning detergents on the seats.

Mesh office chairs don’t damage since you only need to wipe them with a wet soapy rug to clean them. In turn, the chairs retain color and vibrance better throughout their lifespan compared to other office chairs.

What all this means is that a quality mesh office chair will last 5–10 years while a lower quality chair lasts about 2 years.

Better Value for Money

Generally speaking, mesh office chairs cost less than leather office chairs. This is because mesh office chairs are minimalistic in design, only using light fabric mesh material for the back section.

Leather office chairs, on the other hand, are mostly built of leather, making them expensive.

Despite the disparity in price, mesh office chairs are still quite comfortable and striking in design.


Mesh chairs are lighter in weight compared to fabric and leather office chairs. The fabric mesh material on the back is light and less bulky than leather and all-fabric seats.

They also provide the same level of comfort as leather and fabric seats while eliminating clunkiness in the workspace. Furthermore, they’re easier to move around and make for suitable home office furniture because of this. 

Which Is the Best Mesh Office Chair to Buy?

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The Office Oasis Ergonomic Mesh Chair has all the features required to provide ergonomic lumbar support. The following table highlights its features and specifications.

Feature Specs
Chair Materials Backrest - Breathable Mesh Fabric Seat - Soft Foam
Seat size Depth/Length - 19 inches
Width - 19 inches
Maximum User Capacity 350 lbs.
Rolling Wheels Yes

Why You Should Consider Getting the Office Oasis Ergonomic Office Chair

Provides Spine Support

If you sit at your work desk over long periods and suffer from back pain, it might be time for you to consider switching to an ergonomic chair.

The Office Oasis Office Chair offers all the relevant adjustments required for lumbar support. This includes:

  • Chair height 
  • Chair tilt/swivel
  • Armrest height adjustment
  • Lumbar depth
  • Headrest height adjustment

These adjustments allow the user to find the right posture for the back, shoulders, and spine. In turn, this prevents back pain and soreness and improves your general back health and posture.

Has Cool, Breathable Material

The backrest of the Office Oasis Chair is made from mesh fabric, which is breathable and airy. This allows for faster cooling since there’s proper air circulation, meaning you never have to sit through sweaty, sticky clothes on hot days.

The seat cushion is also breathable for cooling purposes.

Sleek Design

It’s important that you feel good and enjoy your workspace for maximum productivity.

With the beautiful sleek design of this chair, your office will always be stylish for that feel-good vibe we all need to be productive.

It’s Great for Hardwood Floors

Thanks to the high-quality Rollerblade Chair Wheels fitted on our ergonomic chair, your hardwood floors will always be kept shiny and free from scratches and marks.

Unlike lower quality chairs that use hard plastic wheels, our wheels are made from polyurethane material that’s soft and smooth. This isn’t only great for the floor but also allows users to enjoy a quiet, smooth ride around the office

Has a 100-Day Free Trial

We understand that choosing an office chair is a long-term commitment. This is why we allow users a 100 day free trial of the product. If the user doesn’t like the product, they can return it, and we’ll provide a full refund for the chair and shipping.

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