5 Reasons to Buy Your Office Chairs from Online Office Furniture Stores

If you’re setting up a home office, you need to make it safe and comfortable. That way, you can prevent injuries and perform at higher levels.

An effective way of making your home office safe and comfortable is to use ergonomic office furniture.

A decent office chair to cushion you and support your back and neck keeps many sitting problems at bay.

With online stores, it’s pretty easy finding genuine ergonomic chairs and desks. It takes a few minutes to find options suiting your office space and health needs.

Beyond that, some online stores specialize in ergonomic office furniture needs. You don’t have to jump from store to store to furnish your home office.

Here are more reasons to buy office chairs online.

#1: Protect Your Floors

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

Office chairs can sometimes destroy and ruin the appearance of hardwood floors. Most modern swivel chairs you see use hard nylon plastic wheels.

The design of these wheels is flawed; it scuffs the flooring instead of gliding on it. When you move your chair, it causes dirt particles to grind and leave ugly marks on your flooring.

To avoid scratches, most buy an expensive area rug which they never planned for. However, some plastic mats can be toxic.

Nonetheless, the chair’s movement is still essential for flexibility and mobility. It helps productivity since you can move around your office space with ease.

Granted, you still need an office chair, so look for models made of ergonomic wheels. Or you can replace your wheels to avoid the cost of buying a brand new chair.

A perfect example of ergonomic chair wheels is rollerblade caster wheels

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

Rollerblade caster wheels use rubberized treads that glide on floors instead of rubbing. Rubberized treads are soft, unlike nylon; they have a natural grip that allows for a smooth roll. So, you can use these wheels on all types of flooring.

#2: Find Chairs and Desks Safe for Your Health

Dr. I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, says you burn 30% fewer calories when sitting rather than standing.

Sitting is also a cause of backaches. You sit for long periods when working. As a result, your back suffers and ends up in pain due to constant pressure from your chair.

Research shows oversitting increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Whether on desks, car seats, or in front of screens, any extended sitting is harmful.

Your health is a crucial factor to consider when shopping for home office or work furniture.

Office Oasis ergonomic chairs help reduce the stress on your back and spine by providing extra support and comfort. These chairs use a mesh backrest that contours to enhance back support and maintain neutral spine posture.

The various adjustments of our chair can help you change positions and prevent the after-effects of over sitting. You can adjust armrests, headrests, and the lumbar section to spread pressure and boost comfort. 

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Donald G, one of our customers, says;

“Bought this chair to replace an older office chair. I spend at least 8 hours a day at my desk, this chair has been a game changer. Great quality, great styling, super comfy, the lumbar and head supports are great - and I love the inline skate wheels.”

#3: Furnish Your Home Office in One Store

Small Computer Desk
Small Computer Desk

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The US’s online office furniture sales industry grew by a 7.3% average between 2016 and 2021. Industry revenue is expected to increase as e-commerce grows, and more people work and study from their homes.

Convenience is one of the reasons people buy furniture online. You not only save time, but you can also furnish your office space fast and from one store.

A healthy home office on a budget needs an ergonomic chair, a table, and a computer stand. If you find all these in one store, you can save a lot of time.

That’s what we provide you. A quick, affordable, and healthy way to get your home office ready.

In our store you can get;

  • Office accessories like desk organizers and computer monitor stands
  • Ergonomic office chairs and desks
  • Replacement parts like chair cylinders and rollerblade wheels to save your money. Instead of investing in a brand new chair, you can revive an old one.

Chair Cylinder Replacement
Chair Cylinder Replacement

“I just wanted to say how impressed I am with this product. I have removed the old cylinders from 4 Aeron Chairs that had been firmly stuck in place for 15 years of constant use. Your replacement tool made a difficult job very easy.” Ben N, our customer.

#4: Free Shipping, Free Trials, and Easy Returns

Buying furniture from a brick-and-mortar can be a frustrating experience. You drive from store to store and still have to transport the furniture to your home.

You can never be sure of when you'll find your ideal furniture.

Besides, many brick-and-mortar stores don’t offer free shipping. You bear the cost and headache of shipping. Not to mention, if there’s any flaw with your piece, you might have to pay for returns.

It’s far better to order online where you have all the time in the world to scope every feature. You can also check your seller’s shipping, delivery, and return policies before buying.

This is crucial when your money and health are at stake. You want to be sure that your chair doesn’t end up costing more than the shopping cart price. And if it isn’t as ergonomic or comfortable as promised, the returning process should be smooth.

At Office Oasis, we offer free shipping, up to 100 days of risk-free trials, and free returns. You get all the time in the world to test your chair. If you don’t love it, you return it at our cost and get a full refund.

#5: An Opportunity for Conscious Buying

Studies show 87% of customers buy a product because a company champions an issue they care about.

Office furniture and conscious buying go together. You can’t buy a chair for your home office without considering how it affects your health and floors. You also take into account the environmental impact of how you buy.

By buying online, you get to compare ergonomic features extensively. You leverage an online search to find a store that centers its design on improving your life. There are tons of furniture stores online committed to make this world a better place.

Online office furniture also means you don’t use gas, which results in fewer carbon emissions. You get to cut your carbon footprint and somehow reduce the exploration of petroleum.

What to Look for in an Online Office Furniture Store

The right online office furniture store is professional and stocks what suits you. It’s stayed long enough in the market to earn customer’s trust. It also has glowing reviews that back its reputation.

More importantly, mind your health and comfort when buying furniture online. If you stay safe, you get more out of your work hours or days.

Where Do You Get High-Quality Office Chairs and Furniture Online?

If you’re looking for a credible online store for your office furniture needs, look no further. We design ergonomic office products for work or home offices. Our hardwood floor-safe chairs ensure you stay healthy and productive.

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