4 Signs You Need a Replacement Wheel for Your Office Chair

You love the way it glides smoothly across the room whenever you need a little motion to inspire your brain into creative mode. It does all this with such minimal noise that you are able to concentrate and zero in on any idea as you develop it.

We’re talking about your favorite office chair.

While working on it you are efficient, peaceful, and empowered to do your best work.

If this doesn’t at all describe your office experience, compare the characteristics of your chair with these.

Okay, so you have the right kind of office chair designed for optimum performance. But still, your experience is nothing like the ideal one described above.

Well, it’s time to check your casters.

Worn out or unsuitable caster wheels may be the reason you no longer fully enjoy your office. They are such a small part of the office chair that they are easily neglected.

And yet they contribute a great deal to the overall functionality of the chair. If your office chair caster gives you the following signs, then it’s due for replacement.

Moving Your Chair Around Has Become Rather Hard

This is usually the first sign you need to check your caster wheels for signs of overuse. The main reason you have a mobile office chair is so you can conveniently roll to any corner of the room, anytime.

With continued use, the smoothest part of your office chair caster gets eaten up. This is the outermost part of the accessory. The rough inner part creates friction whenever it moves against your floor, making the movement harder.

Therefore, whenever you face measurable resistance to your movement on the office chair, quickly check your casters. It may just be time to replace one or more of them.

You may instead find random items such as paper, fur, or plastic stuck on the casters. These may be the culprits opposing your chair’s movement.

Whatever the case, heed the sign when it happens, and find out the root of the problem.

The Tread Noise Is Unbearable

It’s difficult to find office chair casters that are totally silent in motion. However, when the noise intensifies, this is a sure sign you need to check them.

Caster wheel noise is different from the cluttering one that comes from loose joints in the furniture itself or the expansion and contraction of parts of the chair.

First of all, caster wheel noise comes from beneath the chair. Sometimes it originates from the loosening of the caster from its stem. At times it is a result of the outer part of the wheel getting chipped or scratched.

Check all your caster wheels whenever the noise produced by your chair as it rolls gets louder.

Your Floor’s Getting Damaged

Take time to inspect the floors underneath your chair for signs of damage. Scratches and scrapes are tell-tale signs that mild damage is occurring. Or rather that your chair casters are in the early stages of attacking your floor.

An aging caster wheel will undoubtedly begin to damage your floor. This is for the same reason mentioned earlier—that as the softer outer coating gets eaten away, the harder damaging part gets exposed. 

damaged office flooring
Chair Casters for Hardwood Floors to Protect Your Office

the point of getting cuts, cracks, or sunken parts.

Whether your casters are made of nylon, urethane, or other elastomers, they will to some extent contribute to the wear and tear of your floors.

However, the extent of this damage varies according to the softness of the material used. The table below highlights these differences between the most commonly used material for caster manufacture.

Material Description
Nylon Not as abrasive in comparison to metal casters. Nylon is a tough material, a hard plastic to be precise.
Polyurethane Can be manufactured in varying degrees of softness. In caster manufacture, it is made softer than nylon.
Neoprene Similar in form to polyurethane but less durable.

Change the Wheel Type.

It is evident from this that the traditional caster systems made of nylon or other hard plastics are much more likely to cause damage to your floor, especially if it’s a hardwood floor.

The Forbes Advisor estimates the average cost of repairing a floor to be $350. 

Compare this with the price of getting friendlier wheels for your office chair.

For the safety of your floor, it’s best to do away with conventional rubber casters.

It’s Visibly Worn Out

This one, you may need to intentionally search out. Place your chair upside down and scrutinize the wheels one by one.

A tired, worn-out wheel will be unevenly shaped. This is due to the fact that your weight on the chair is not always evenly distributed.

Another indicator of your wheel having served its purpose is the caster housing being dented.

Such routine checks are good for the maintenance of the entire chair structure as well. While doing them, look out for signs of the chair cylinder malfunctioning.

Replace Your Office Chair Caster

Having discovered that your wheel needs replacement, it’s time to go ahead and do just that.

Worried that you aren’t much of a handyman or handywoman?

Well, you will be glad to know that the process of changing the office chair wheel is easy.

For the most part, the caster can simply be pulled off from the chair by its stem. In cases where this proves to be a challenge, the most you will need for a tool is a flat-head screwdriver.

The New Way to Remove and Replace an Office Chair Cylinder
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Also, casters come in a standard size, with a *7/16-inch diameter*, so chances that the new replacement one doesn’t fit in are very slim.

Follow these straightforward steps to change your office chair caster DIY-style.

Get These Top Of the Range Chair Casters

To replace your office chair caster, look no further than these smoothly rolling rollerblade wheels that are made with the best interest of your floor in mind.

Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels
Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

They are modern, heavy-duty, and yet cost-effective.

Satisfied clients say:

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