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Casters For Chairs: Building An Efficient Office Space

You may have the most comfortable gaming chair in the world or have just bought a fleet of expensive office chairs. However, if the casters for chairs are not up to snuff then you could have some serious problems. While wheels may not be the most interesting aspect of your chair’s functionality, there is no denying that they are one of the most important and can increase productivity.

Casters For Chairs

Standard casters for chairs wheel

What’s Casters For Chairs?

You may think that a wheel is just a wheel but that is incorrect. The wheel is a basic machine where a round object spins on its horizontal axis in a single direction. What you really want for your chair is caster wheels. These are upgraded parts that take the basic wheel and mount it to a stem that can rotate 360 degrees. When using casters the object is not limited to a single back and forth motion, but can be maneuvered in all directions. These are essential for a proper wheeled chair since a chair that can only be wheeled in a single line is fairly useless at a desk.

Casters or ChairsAs with furniture casters, there are several aspects to consider when purchasing casters for chairs. The design and construction can make a big difference in the overall functionality and durability. For example, this study dives into the rolling resistance of several types of casters in wheelchair application, which can be laterally applied to just about any chair that uses wheels of this type. There are several basic styles of casters and each one has their own pros and cons. A number of design factors such as material choice can help mitigate some of the cons if you prefer a particular style. If you are investing in a good casters for chairs you will want to make sure the wheel casters for that chair will last as long as the padding and frame so it is worth upgrading from whatever basic wheels it comes with. In considering the many office casters for chairs out there, start by matching up the requirements for the chair and environment to the casters. For example, if you expect to max out the chair weight requirement or use it on thick carpeting without a mat then you need casters that can handle these situations.

Office Chair Casters Design

The same design features that lead you to the best chair can also help indicate what you need from your wheel casters. For example, if the chair is designed for a high weight capacity then the casters should also be rated for that amount of weight. Though these are simple components there is a lot of stress put on at the joint between the stem and the mount, as well as at the axle that bears the weight to the wheel. Even the appropriate material for the wheel can vary if heavy loads are anticipated. Whether soft rubber wheels or heavy duty plastic, the wheel material choice should also match the flooring that the chair will be used on. If you have hardwood floors and no protection then casters that are not made with a softer wheel material will scratch them up in no time.

Beautifully Packaged

Best office chair casters wheel Product by Office Oasis

Caster wheels come in different sizes which are appropriate for different applications. The weight of the chair and sitter is evenly distributed among the casters so smaller wheels will have more stress concentrated on them than larger wheels. Small wheels can be more difficult to maneuver as well but may be necessary in order to fit with the size of the object that they are being used on. If you need to use the chair frequently and with a high amount of weight then larger wheels are better. Large wheels also can handle carpet much more easily than smaller ones so if your computer desk is in a bedroom or other carpeted area then this is the way to go.

Heavy Duty Casters

There are many materials that the caster wheel can be made from such as steel, nylon, and other synthetics like polyurethane. While metal materials are heavy duty and can last under high stress for many years, these are often not appropriate for home use in gaming chairs since they can tear up both wood and carpet floors. Softer wheel materials like polyurethane do not scratch wood surfaces and will not even leave any marks. Good quality synthetic material will also do a better job at absorbing and distributing the weight that is placed on them, meaning they will last longer. Synthetics tend to last longer and not break down, unlike plastic which can wear out and eventually snap.

There are several wheel styles that casters can use. Some casters use a ball which enhances the caster’s ability to move in any direction. Others use a double wheel which allows for a smaller overall size since the weight can be distributed over more wheels. With the double wheel design, there is a bit of strength lost since there are more parts involved, so that can be a downside if the load on the casters for chairs is on the higher end. There is also a rollerblade style which uses the same design concept of rollerblade wheels to incorporate stronger internal parts with a synthetic wheel material that creates an overall long-lasting product.

How to Select Perfect Casters?

With all of this in mind, how does one decide on the perfect caster? If longevity and durability are your two main concerns, then you should start by choosing a single wheel design. These can hold up to more force on a repeated basis than double wheels. Though the maneuverability may not be as good, a roller-skate style is also preferable to a ball style wheel because they tend to be made of stronger material and, therefore, last longer. The wheel material itself should be a synthetic like polyurethane since this can absorb more shock over a long period of time without breaking down. Polyurethane can also be used on any flooring surface without causing damage. Finally, tough standard office chair wheels tend to be around two inches, upgrading to a larger size, say, three inches, will allow you to maneuver over any type of surface without getting hung up and causing damage to the wheel. Fortunately, you can find a set of casters that meets all of these requirements right here at the Office Oasis.

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