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Classroom Furniture

Classroom FurnitureGone are the days of classrooms with predictable desks in rows facing a large chalkboard or whiteboard. Today’s learning spaces are much more dynamic than standard school furniture with a wide variety of desk and seating options, open spaces for students to work together, and high tech learning displays as well as vivid and colorful décor. School architects and designers have elevated the look and feel of our school buildings with modern cafeterias, inviting common spaces, sophisticated administrative offices, and classrooms that provide a fun and engaging environment for both students and teachers. Classroom furniture trends also incorporate ergonomic design, with seating and desk arrangements that are intended to maximize support and comfort for both students and teachers. Our classroom furniture guide will dive into the growing trends and best choices for schools.

Classroom Furniture Solutions and Trends

Perhaps the greatest influence on school furniture design in recent years is the infusion of technology into the classroom setting. Many schools are now “BYOD” (bring your own device), and we will continue to see more options for classroom chairs, desks and work tables that include built-in power cords and outlets for each student. Keeping devices powered and charged throughout the day will be critical to students, and classroom furniture manufacturers will make this a priority in their products. New schools will see more and more technological elements considered in classroom layout and design as well.

High-quality products, like desks, chairs, and table choices for classroom settings also need to incorporate mobility for each student. Today’s learning spaces are much more dynamic than in the past, and teachers often utilize mobile pieces that can be transitioned from one activity to the next. Group settings, where tables and classroom chairs can be rearranged for various needs, are an important priority. Desks, tables, and chairs that are both durable and lightweight are needed to maximize quick transitions that do not disrupt learning.

Our ideas about the best settings for teaching and instruction have evolved as well, meaning the old days of students always facing the teacher are behind us. New classroom layouts incorporate ways for students to also face their peers and work collaboratively. It is just as common, if not more so, to find students gathered around a circular table instead of in predictable rows.

Additionally, these classroom settings have evolved to incorporate more vivid color and styles. By making the environments less sterile and more “fun,” students become more engaged and excited about school.

Best Classroom Furniture Desks, Chairs, and Layouts

Class Room Furniture

The collaborative learning trend in the school classroom means the best school chairs and desks for students today will be mobile units that can be arranged in groups to foster participation. Whether desks are arranged in semi-circles or full circles, or sometimes grouped in twos and threes, they need to be mobile to adapt to a variety of needs.

The layout of the classroom will typically change throughout the year and based on certain activities and assignments. Teachers need mobile and dynamic school desks and table systems to maximize the educational experience for students.

Ideally, such systems will also function in the “old fashioned” rows facing a teacher when there is a need for such a setting (such as with annual standardized testing).

Desk chairs need to be extremely durable but also lightweight enough to ease layout transitions. Ergonomic design is critical to ensure a student can focus on the task at hand, and not spend the day wiggling in a stiff and uncomfortable seat.

Standing desks and exercise ball chairs are even introduced in some settings and are especially helpful with ADHD students who may need a change from a typical desk setting in order to maintain focus.

Additional accessory pieces, such as shelving bins, bookcases, or even bean bags for younger students, come in a wide variety of vivid colors and patterns to make the classroom a warm and inviting space.

5 Top Class Room Furniture Tips

1. Health and Safety Come First! In a school setting the safety and health of students should always be the top priority, so the furniture like desks and chairs chosen in classrooms should be durable enough to withstand wear and tear and also free from any harmful materials or sharp edges and other injury hazards. Furniture decisions should be made with the intended age group in mind, and safety issues may be a greater concern for younger students. But the classroom furniture for all ages should be constructed to stand up to heavy-duty Desks and chairs should have elements of ergonomic design to ensure support and comfort (and this certainly includes the teacher’s desk and chair as well!)

2. Mobility is a Must! The furniture chosen for a modern classroom setting needs to be mobile and adjustable so that teachers can change layouts to serve different purposes. Individual desks that can be grouped in circles, semi-circles, or even twos and threes are the best choice to cover a wide variety of needs. Table systems for larger and smaller groups work well also. Ideally, a classroom setting will include some of both.

3. Avoid overcrowding. The classroom layout should ensure there is plenty of space for students to move through high-traffic areas, free from tripping hazards. A crowded learning space can feel “cluttered” and distract for some students, so plenty of open space is recommended to maximize focus.

4. Accommodating Special Considerations. In some cases, there may be students with special considerations that can be addressed with furniture and accessories. Consider working with the school administration to provide a standing desk or an exercise ball chair if it could be of benefit to the classroom.

5.Go Green! Many schools are going green these days, with everything from solar power panels to lunchrooms that have banned plastic water bottles. Classroom furniture made from recycled materials is a growing trend, with a wide variety of both functional as well as stylish options available. Plus, it becomes a teachable moment in the classroom as students learn about how recycled materials were used to construct the very chairs on which they sit!




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