Computer Cable Organizer for Desk to Fight the Tangle

Desks are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you will ever own. Though in its most basic form it is simply four legs and a tabletop there are so many ways to customize and use them that the decisions made when purchasing one can be surprisingly complicated and personal. Your desk and specifically the things you keep on and around it can say a lot about you. One aspect of desk use that is frequently overlooked during the buying process is how to organize all the cables that it will inevitably get cluttered with. Productivity and creativity can be negatively affected by a workspace that is not properly organized. No one likes dealing with a rat’s nest of tech cords, so it is a good idea to figure out how to deal with Computer Cable Organizer for desk before they become a problem through a little desk cord management.

Computer Cable Organizer for Desk

Idea’s for Computer Cable Organizer for desk

How to Organize Computer Cable?

Before purchasing cable ties or making some sort of desk cord organizer it can be a good exercise to start by taking a look at your desk and determining if any changes can be made to minimize the clutter. Wireless and Bluetooth devices can replace old wired speakers, mice, and keyboards. Many modern phones now have the ability to charge wirelessly as well, which reduces the number of cords for charging from two to one if you have been using some sort of medium like a power strip. You might also see if there is a way to reorganize your desk to organize and hide cords with items that you already have. Even doing something as simple as putting small tape labels on the end of each cord that indicates what device they belong to can make a major difference when it comes time to pull a plug or do some troubleshooting.

Small Computer Cable Organizer For Desk


Small Computer Cable Organizer For Desk

Computer cable organizer for desk can come in many forms and have different purposes. A basic organizer style is one that simply bundles up the cables and keeps them out of the way. If children are going to be around then it is definitely important to minimize the possibility of them accidentally pulling something out or getting caught up. This can be accomplished with ties, trays, clamps, sleeves, or even by putting a hole or two in your desk organizer through which the cables can be run. Obviously, the last option is not for everyone but if you are shopping around for a desk then it might be helpful to keep this type of feature in mind.

Concealment is often another major goal when looking for a computer cable organizer for desk. It is one thing to move unsightly cables out of the way, but quite another to make it look like you are not even trying to hide anything. Cables can be concealed by using an organizer that is out of the way, such as in a tray that is mounted underneath the desk and on the backside. They can also be concealed with an organizer that is camouflaged as something else, like a book or some sort of design element. Sometimes, camouflaged computer cable organizer for desk do not offer much in the way of actual organization, and instead are simply a container in which to hide the bundle of cords. If this is not a concern, then it is also possible to make your own camouflaged container if you are the creative type.

Idea’s for Computer Cable

One way that you can both conceal and organize your cables is to purchase a wall mounted cable channel. These come in several widths and lengths, so be sure to properly measure the space where it will need to be run. You will also need to decide if you want one large channel or several small ones that are meant for a single cable. They can then be mounted side by side or even in some pattern that matches your room styling. In a similar fashion, you can choose to go with a floor cable protector if the cables need to travel some distance or be kept in a more discreet fashion. Be careful if you are going to use one of these in a space with small or rambunctious children, however, as they might be tripping hazards. In those cases, they should be placed as close to the wall as possible.

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Office Desk Cord Organizer Under Desk Computer Cable Organizer

Cable organizers do not have to be basic and boring. They can be used to liven up your space or, even better, to add functionality to it. You can incorporate a purposeful object like a mobile device charging station and run cables through it. Depending on the amount and types of cables that you need to organize it may be a bit of a challenge to find a charging station of the right size or shape, but luckily there are plenty to choose from. Another benefit of having a charging station at your desk is that it is a natural place for technical devices to congregate. Your tablets and phones can all have a logical home base so everyone knows where to find them.

If you have already purchased a computer cable organizer for desk and are looking for some organizational help there are plenty of options that have been discussed here. Tools like zip ties and Velcro are inexpensive and simple to install while there is also a world of organizers that also can help to conceal unsightly cords and wires. It is important that you personalize your workspace with the proper style and organization that best reflects you and your work style, as well as your company. If you are in the market for a desk, however, we would recommend considering the Office Oasis Computer Desk with Cable Organizer. This desk includes a discreetly mounted organizer tray with zip ties included. Cables can be bundled together and laid down in the tray where they are kept out of the way and out of sight. This desk is easy to put together but also sturdy and durable enough to handle just about all of life’s chaos. It even comes with step-by-step instructions that can help guide you in proper cable concealment techniques.

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