How to Maintain and Clean Your Furniture Wheels

Furniture with wheels can be the most convenient pieces of furniture that you’ll ever own. They’re easy to move across the floor, which makes rearranging your home simple. Less heavy lifting on your part.

However, just like all great things, they must be maintained to keep working properly. Here are a few tips on how to keep your furniture wheels clean and functional.

Check Fasteners

Most manufacturers suggest looking at your fasteners often to make sure everything is okay.

To do this, turn your furniture on its side if possible check for a distorted framework, or broken deck boards, or loose bolts.

If you find something, it’s best to make sure you fix it up quickly. Most of the time little damages get worse over time if ignored.

Inspect Your Wheels Periodically

Inspect your wheels often. When you do this, check for wear and tear damage, this can be identified as a flat place in the wheel.

Also, look and see if your rubber tires have seen better days. Doing this will prevent not only further wheel damage but also floor damage, load shifting, and steering issues.

Lubricate Your Grease Fittings

It’s a good idea to come up with a lubricant schedule. Normally your grease fittings need to be lubricated every six months.

Sometimes, in certain conditions, it’s best to lubricate your wheels before that. It all depends on what you find when during your wheel inspections.

When In Doubt, Your Fingers Are A Pretty Good Tool

Once you’ve taken the wheels off the base for cleaning using your fingers can be a pretty useful tool for getting the gunk out.

Instead of using soap and water, use your fingers for getting the bulk of grossness out of your wheels.

Your fingers can be especially useful for sticky stuff like chewing gum or hair. If your fingers don’t do the trick alcohol, a butter knife and tweezers can do the trick for you.

furniture wheels

Other Tools You Can Use

If the tools I just listed aren’t doing the trick there are a few other tools that you can use for a more detailed clean.

  • Drop cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Surface cleaner
  • Cloth and or paper towel
  • Cotton swabs
  • Scrub brush
  • Vaccum with crevice attachment

These tools can be used along with the ones above to get your wheels in pristine condition again. Follow the next step-by-step instructions to learn how to use them.

A Better Step-By-Step Process

So, you’ve got the tools in front of your face; now the question is how to use them. Here is a step by process of what to do.

Protect Your Floor

The first thing you want to do is put down a drop cloth. This is to protect your floor from any nastiness that falls out of the wheels.

Not so much an issue if you have wood floors but getting stuff out of carpet is a complete pain. It’s better just to avoid that issue altogether.

Flip The Chair

Flip the chair over on the drop cloth to inspect the work that needs to be done. This is also so you can see what you’re doing better and work on them easier.

You want easy access to the wheels eventually.

Remove The Debris

You can use the scrub brush to get out a majority of the debris stuck in your wheels.

To get rid of additional debris that is stubbornly clinging to life, follow up a second time with a soap dampened scrub brush. This will soften some of it up for the next step.

Use Your Knife

Sometimes stubborn gunk just doesn’t want to give up. For these, pull out your butter knife.

Make sure to angle the knife, so it’s parallel with the wheels. Hold your knife steady, and slice in the same direction that the wheels spin.

Getting Stuff Out Of The Inside

For the inside of the wheels get your vacuum. The vacuum is great for things such as human/pet hair and dust particles.

You can use a small pet vac for this. That will get most if not all of the gross hair out of the inside of your wheels.

Hair can dust and really keep your wheels from turning properly so getting it out ASAP is best.

Remove The Wheel

For an extra detailed clean, remove the wheels from the base. This will allow you to make the finishing touches to your cleaning easily.

Get out your last few cleaning products after you use your screwdriver to remove them to finish your final steps.

Use Some Elbow Grease

Use your surface cleaner on a dampened washcloth to start off. Follow up with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

Thoroughly clean each wheel, inside and around any remaining debris. The alcohol is really good for not only cleaning but creating a very smooth surface.

If you happen to have any spare lubricant on hand, go ahead and feel free to add it to the wheel mechanism.

Clean Up After Yourself

The last step is putting the wheels back on and then cleaning the area around your desk chair.

Remove the drop cloth and vacuum around the area where the furniture lives. After all, your hard work is completely wasted if you return your furniture to a gross surface.

If your office chair wheels aren’t the only problem you’re having, visit us here to find out how to fix a leaning office chair.

Cleaner Furniture Wheels

Following these cleaning steps will not only extend the life of your furniture wheels but also extend the life of the floor in which they reside.

For more office building tips, click here.

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