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Gaming Room Furniture

Gaming Room FurnitureGaming is such a popular hobby that it has been incorporated into the interior design, with some homeowners devoting an entire room to gaming for kids and adults alike! Game room furniture trends blend technology with the need for both comfort and style and there are a wide variety of furniture pieces and accessories available for any game room and every budget to go with the pool table, bar stools, poker tables, and air hockey and foosball table. 

Gaming Room Furniture Guide

For the hours that gamers spend devoted to their hobby, gaming room furniture needs to be functional as well as comfortable. Additionally, if the space is open to other common areas in the home, furniture and accessories that maximize organization and minimize clutter are ideal. Messy and jumbled cords are not only an eyesore but a potential safety hazard as well, so gaming furniture pieces should incorporate cord storage and ways to keep the various components stored out of sight when not in use.

A large multimedia stand or cabinet is typically the focal point of a gaming room, creating a space for the large television or video monitor as well as various gaming accessories. While open shelving is often visually pleasing, especially in modern décor, the ideal unit will also include hidden storage. Gamers may have a wide variety of accessory pieces for different systems, some which may be outdated or only used occasionally, and it’s best to keep these out of view for a clutter-free room.

One way to keep open shelving units organized is to purchase a cable organizer, which can streamline and store the various cords attached to equipment, presenting a neater appearance overall. Additionally, some gamers use a multimedia remote that can be programmed to work with many devices and reduce clutter in the room as well.

Seating in a gaming room is one of the most important decisions to consider. Hours spent gaming on an old and worn out couch or even regular desk chairs can lead to back pain and other health issues. The ideal gaming chair will support the gamer’s back with an ergonomic design and promote the best posture for long-term use. Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of styles for all budgets: while it may be tempting to go for all the “bells and whistles,” consider first and foremost a chair that will be comfortable and durable enough for heavy-duty use and daily wear and tear. Some of the different gaming room chairs available include rockers, pedestal chairs, racer chairs, PC gaming chairs, and even bean bag chairs. If you are not the gamer but are designing the room for one, talk to them about the specific games they play and consider which chair will work best for their needs.

While a PC gaming chair may look like a typical office chair, they typically have a bucket seat design (like those found in race cars) and often come with detachable cushions as well. Like most office desk chairs, they swivel and have caster wheels for ease of movement.

Gaming rocker chairs are another popular choice, where gamers are seated closer to the floor in a position intended to maximize comfort (but perhaps not posture!) These high-tech chairs have many audio components, such as built-in speakers and subwoofers, which gamers love to use to maximize their experience.

Bean bag chairs are a fun choice and a bit of a relic from the past. They are lightweight, mobile, and affordable. While typically not thought of as the best for posture, new memory foam beanbag-style chairs offer more support to the back and neck.

Always look for a breathable and comfortable fabric in gaming chairs that can stand up to stains.

Gaming Furniture Setup and Layouts

gaming room furniture

When designing the ideal gaming room, start by choosing the location for your wall media unit. Consider whether or not glare will be a factor, and you may choose to incorporate window blinds or shades that minimize glare on the monitor.

Be sure the media unit is placed near at least one electrical outlet (if not more).

The seating arrangement should ensure gamers are close enough to view the screen (though not too close). You want to ensure there are still clear paths to get through the room, especially when gamers have invited friends to join in on the fun!

Consider the impact of noise on other areas of the house. Your gaming room might be in a basement or other out-of-the-way location, where gamers can escape without interrupting the rest of the household. However, if the gaming room is located close to areas where other family members may be studying, sleeping, or dining, consider whether some sound blocking accessories might be useful. Acoustic foam and soundproofing kits can be used in these settings, or you can also just add as many “soft” items to the room as possible (such as pillows, curtains, or throws) which help to absorb sound.

5 Top Gaming Room Furniture Tips

1. Reduce the clutter! The gaming room experience will be more pleasant and enjoyable for all involved if the room is designed with storage in mind. Media units with cabinets or drawers can reduce the appearance of clutter and cord and cable boxes can also keep things neat and tidy.

2. Remember Ergonomics! Resist the urge to put the hand-me-down sofa in the gaming room and instead prioritize high-quality gaming chairs in your budget. If you can afford all the extra high-tech “bells and whistles” that is a bonus but stay focused first on seating that will provide good lumbar support and promote good posture.

3. Don’t forget about the lighting! While natural light and glare might have an impact on the gamer’s experience, too little light could be a detriment as well. Make sure the room is properly lit. Some lamps and lighting accessories even play on the themes of favorite games and can add a dash of personality to the room!

4. Allow Plenty of Free Space! Be sure the design and layout of the gaming room incorporate open space. Not only does it make the room feel less cluttered, but it’s important for gamers to take breaks and move around to avoid back pain. Give them the space to do that!

5. Drown the Sound while Upping the Style! Fun throw pillows, window treatments, and other accessories can help absorb sound while also making the gaming room a stylish part of your home and an extension of the rest of your décor.




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