Heavy Duty Caster Wheels That Are Built to Last

Though there are plenty of guides to help you pick the best desk chair for your work or home office, most office chairs come with some style of caster wheel. The difference between a caster wheel and a regular wheel is that the caster is actually a component that is made of multiple parts, including a wheel. Heavy duty caster wheels have a stem, mount, and wheel that all combine to make a single piece. By attaching the wheel to the chair via a mount and stem system, the caster can turn in any direction and greatly increase the mobility of the computer desk. If you were to simply have wheels on your chair instead of casters it would only be able to move in a single lateral direction.

Heavy duty caster wheels

Design of Heavy duty caster wheels

There are several different design styles of casters available and many materials such as polyurethane wheels or rubber caster wheels that they can be made from. Each has benefits and downsides, so when shopping for these wheels it is important to understand how they will be used in order to make the right choice. If you are looking for heavy duty caster wheels for your office chairs, then you need to find the right style, material, and design that is best suited to your environment.

Plastic Caster Wheels

Plastic casters are common and can be found on many office chairs, but they are not a good choice for heavy duty usage. The amount of stress that can be put on casters by the weight of the person sitting in the chair and the amount of movement they are doing is felt in multiple joints and components of the caster wheel. These tend to be of a double wheel style which is notorious for not being able to manage as much stress as a single wheel design due to the more complex mechanics. Plastic can also snap and fail with little warning after enough stress over a period of time has built up. If your office chairs came with plastic caster wheels then you should upgrade them immediately.

On the other end of the materials spectrum, caster wheels made entirely from metal are just about the most heavy duty caster wheel that you can find. Unfortunately, their tendency to scuff, or even tear up, just about any flooring surface other than concrete means these types of casters are really only appropriate for industrial application. Though it does not make sense to use a heavy duty caster wheels for your office chair, the rest of the caster components should all be metal if you want to have a high-quality product that can handle large amounts of stress. The stem, mount, and bearings should all be made of metal to ensure the best functionality with a high weight rating.

With plastic and metal wheel material both ruled out, this leaves rubber and synthetic material as the ideal for the outer portion of the wheel. A material like polyurethane on the exterior of the wheel is soft enough to not damage floors but also durable enough to withstand years of wear without breaking down. A softer synthetic is also much better at distributing the weight and stress put on it than a plastic material.

Different Shapes of Caster

The wheel portion of a caster can come in multiple shapes. We have already discussed the double wheel style, which is sturdy but not good for heavy duty usage. There is also a ball style wheel which enhances the maneuverability of the caster since it can turn in any direction. These tend to be made of heavy duty caster wheels plastic or metal, so they are not good for flooring surfaces that can be easily scratched or scuffed. The third major wheel style is the single wheel, which is the most versatile in terms of component material and application. With the right material and casing, this tends to be the best for heavy duty usage and improve the overall weight capacity.

The size of the caster is also very important if you want to make sure it can withstand heavy duty usage. The force that is placed on the casters when someone sits in a chair is focused in the wheels. Rolling resistance can play a big part in the performance of the casters if they are not properly suited for the environment that the chair is being used in. Smaller wheels have less material to distribute this force around so they tend to be more susceptible to wearing out under a higher weight capacity and can start to damage even hardwood floors. Small wheels tend to get caught up on carpet or any object that may be lying on a hard floor, such as cords, hoses, and dropped tools or pencils. If you are in an office environment where you must move around a good deal in your chair and may have objects like this on the floor on a regular basis then larger wheels are highly recommended. A standard office chair wheel is around two inches but wheels that are closer to three inches are much more useful and can roll right over whatever might get in their way.

If you are rolling around a good deal but also occasionally need to be stationary and ensure you do not accidentally move, try to find a set of caster wheels that can lock. This can be difficult to find with caster wheels that are meant for desk chairs but it is worth looking if this functionality is absolutely necessary. There are even some heavy duty caster wheels that come with swivel locks so that the wheels can only move in one lateral direction. Though not many people need this extra set of brakes it may be useful to know that this option is out there.

If these factors describe your office’s needs then a set of heavy duty industrial caster wheels such as these rollerblade office chair wheels may be perfect for you and your tall office chairs. These are made of heavy duty metal materials that can support a load capacity up to 650 lbs. Even with that large amount of weight on them the wheels will not damage your floors since they are made of a soft polyurethane material. The Office Oasis believes so strongly in this set of wheels that it offers a 110% money-back guarantee if you do not absolutely love them.

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