How to Remove Gas Lift from Office Chair: The Perfect Gaming Setup

The last thing any gamer needs is a chair that slowly, slowly, slowly sinks to the ground. Sound familiar? And then, as any person who needs a stable chair that doesn’t sink to the ground throughout the day, you go to move your chair up or down—only to find out it’s not that easier. Finding out your formerly sturdy and trustworthy chair is now unable to move up or down doesn’t mean you should start looking for a new chair—it just means it’s time how to remove gas lift from office chair or chair’s gas cylinder. And while that statement alone may make you think that it might just be easier to buy a whole new chair, don’t stress. With proper guidance and understanding of your chair, you can get your gaming setup back to normal before you know it.

how to remove gas lift from office chair

Parts to Remove Gas Lift from the Office Chair

Of course, if you’re looking for a way to bring your gaming chair back to its original glory (and there are some great gaming chairs out there), a little work needs to be done. While this work may seem lost on you at first, stick with us, as we’ll try and help you remove and fix your gas lift on your gaming chair.

What is a gas lift?

First of all, you need to know what a gas lift is. Basically, a gas lift on an office chair is how you can move your seat pan up or down. Modifying an office chair’s height is impossible without a gas lift. This is why, how to remove gas lift from office chair has fallen into disrepair, it can affect the whole performance of the chair. After all, there is a reason why you bought an adjustable office chair in the first place. If it’s no longer adjustable to height, it’s beyond annoying.

How to Remove Gas Lift from Office Chair?

Ready to take the first step into fixing your chair?  Here are the materials you’ll need:

  • A screwdriver or a pipe wrench
  • A replacement cylinder
  • A rubber mallet

Once you have all of your materials, it’s time to get to work!  Now, please note that all gaming chairs and office chairs are made differently; certain aspects may not fit your own chair’s cylinder replacement. It’s always important to check out the owner’s manual you probably got when you bought your chair; familiarize yourself with the different parts and set up as you read how to replace the broken aspect of the chair.

Step one: Place your chair on its side for better access for removal.

Step two: Using the rubber mallet, carefully tap the base of the chair away from the seat of the chair. As you continue to do this, you can eventually remove gas lift from the office chair base from the rest of the chair, carefully and easily.

replacing your office chair cylinder

Important Things to Remove your Gas Lift Cylinder

Step three: Using the pipe wrench, clamp down on the top of the cylinder tightly before twisting and then pulling up how to remove gas lift from office chair completely. This is probably the most important, yet most difficult process of the whole repair method. It may be difficult at first, but patience will help you get the job done.

Step four: Now the cylinder is removed, half of the work is now done! Now that the broken cylinder is removed, you can replace it with the new cylinder you have purchased. And now, that’s where we direct you to a much easier, better, and more efficient way to get this job done.

Making it easy: replacing your office chair cylinder

Even heavy-duty office chairs need a good cylinder replacement every once in a while. It’s normal, and it’s almost to be expected if you’ve had the office chair for quite a while. While we mentioned an easy method that you can do yourself at home or in your office (or really wherever you are), why not make things a little easier?

Investing in a toolkit that will help repair your chair’s gas life and replace your office chair cylinder, leaving your chair easy to adjust and move up and down according to height or how you would like it, is needed.  Thankfully, it’s also available to purchase and as high-quality as they come.

If you really just want an easy way to remove and install a chair cylinder and, therefore, fix the issues that you’re having, you’re really going to want to check out this office chair cylinder replacement kit. Because it’s a cylinder removal tool, it really does all the work for you. You don’t have to attempt to fix your gaming chair with tools that you have no idea how to use. With this simple kit, you get an instruction manual that gives you step by step directions, a pair of gloves, and all the tools you need to get the job done.

The gas lift cylinders that come with this kit are as heavy-duty and high-quality as they come.  You won’t have to worry about your new chair cylinder or gas lift falling into disrepair again, as the one that comes in this kit has a long lifespan. Plus, these cylinders are universal, meaning they will more than likely fit any office chair or gaming chair that you have!

How to Remove Gas Lift from the Office Chair


Don’t let a broken gaming chair ruin your fun

The last thing anyone needs is a chair that is falling apart. It’s not fun for anyone. However, why not repair the chair that’s worked for you for so long, instead of buying a new one? With a kit like the one we mentioned above, it’s easy, simple, how to remove gas lift from office chair that may be cutting into your gaming time or overall productivity.

At the end of the day, you want a chair that is comfortable for you, no matter what it is you are doing. Whether you’re gaming, working at home or working in an office, don’t let something small like a broken gas lift ruin your productivity. And really don’t let it ruin your fun!

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