Office Chair Tilt Mechanism Repair (Great for Eye Care Professionals and Other Medical Offices)

Realizing that your office chair is not living its best life anymore is frustrating beyond belief—especially if the warranty has only just run out and the office chair isn’t that old and really shouldn’t be looking as ancient as it does.  Sadly, however, office chairs (especially office chairs that see a lot of use) sometimes have defective parts or, with a lot of use, can start to fall apart and require office chair tilt mechanism repair or a new chair altogether.

One of the biggest concerns businesses or places like medical offices face is how to repair their office chairs. Some may say it’s time to just buy new chairs all around; we disagree with this idea. Just because your office chair isn’t looking or acting like it’s brand new anymore doesn’t mean that it’s time to throw the whole set of chairs away. For one, this can really be such a waste of money. Secondly, there is an easy and incredibly effective way to fix the office chair and make it look brand new.

You may need to repair or replace the gas cylinder is damaged (the gas lift is defective), broken casters, wonky armrests, seat plate or threaded post or any one of a number of other defective parts. However, it is often the swivel tilt mechanism that is damaged or ineffective. However, before rushing out and buying replacement parts or even a new chair, there is a simple and cost-effective way to fix your chair if you realize that the office chair tilt mechanism repair has gone a bit awry. Once you narrow down what the actual issue with the tilt mechanism is, you’ll be able to set those newly repaired chairs back in your family eye care center!

First, find out where the problem lies

Finding out what is actually wrong with your office chair tilt mechanism repair is, obviously, the first step. This is a crucial step, so it’s important to make sure you know just how your office desk is struggling. While it may seem like the there should be one problem (and, therefore, one solution) to a tilt mechanism problem, it actually isn’t the case. So, make sure you look at your chair and make sure the part you actually need to repair is the tilt mechanism!

Tips for Office Chair Tilt Mechanism Repair

Whether you’re an eye care professional or someone who just wants to fix their home office chair that is acting out of whack, a quality way to repair the adjustable tilt tension can be done by anyone and repaired anywhere—and without a crazy amount of office chair repair parts needed!  Tilt adjustment, or lack thereof, is one common issue that quite a lot of people face, regardless of what business or field they are in (whether it is gaming or medical).

For the most part, the way that chairs tilt is all because of the adjustable tilt tension. The adjustable tilt tension can be called a variety of different names (depending on the model and other aspects of the chair), but we’ll just stick to calling it the adjustable tilt tension for this article. Basically, if this part of the chair isn’t working, the back of your chair is probably acting all odd.

More often than not, this means that your chair is leaning back in an insane (and quite an uncomfortable way) when you are working.  Have you noticed that your chair is in a constant state of recline—when you really don’t it to be in a constant relaxed state?  How are you supposed to get work done with a chair that is always in a lounge position?

Luckily, this common problem can be fixed. To keep things simple and clear, you’re probably going to need to set a new tilt limit (that may have become dislodged in some way). The tilt tension adjustment is normally a large knob that is directly underneath the seat of the chair, sometimes more towards the front of the seat pan. As you rock back in forth in the chair, you can use the office chair tilt mechanism repair or tighten, depending on how far back or how far forward you would like the chair to go. This may take some time, and some trial and error, as you figure out how you would like your chair to be set up for your average work day.

How to repair the tilt lock

Another aspect of the whole office chair tilt mechanism is the tilt lock, which can also fall into a bit of a problematic area after consistent use. Attempting to fix tilt locks may seem easy, but it’s actually quite difficult.

One of the main problems many people face when trying to fix a tilt lock on their office chair is noticing that many different manufacturers do not use the same lever (or put the lever in the same area on the chair). This means that there tend to be so many different ways a chair can be changed or modified. However, we highly recommend breaking out that chair owner’s manual and figure out where the tilt lock is located so that you don’t have any troubles once you get down to fixing your problem.

As you push back and forth and find where you want your office chair tilt mechanism repair to be (like we mentioned above), you need to lock the tilt in place (with the tilt lock). This can be a lever or paddle on your office chair that can be pulled out or pushed in to lock your chair tilt in. Once you lock the chair, you cannot move it until you unlock the tilt lock. If you want your chair to only ever be in an upright position, you can also use the tilt lock to achieve this purpose.

Always try to solve your problems before wasting money!

Whether you work for eye care specialists or in a hospital, it’s always good to try and fix problems before giving up and buying a new chair. Quite often, when people realize that their chairs are experiencing tilt problems, they just go ahead and buy a new one—and we don’t even blame them. The idea of fixing the way an office chair tilts has always sounded too difficult to even attempt.

However, as we’ve talked about here, it’s actually not. Office chair tilt mechanism repair is a simple step that anyone can accomplish! Just like fixing office chair cylinders, fixing the tilt adjustment is something that can be done with time, the proper tools, and proper knowledge about one’s specific office chair parts.

Before you know it, your office chair will be upright, fixed, and ready for another great day at work!

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