America’s Favorite Office Game: Office Basketball (OfficeBall)

With March Madness in the rear view mirror, we thought it would be appropriate to release the official basketball office game (OfficeBall) guide.

It may be widely known that baseball is America’s pastime, but let it be clear that basketball is the national pastime of the American office place.

For those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about, the game is quite simple: throw an object – preferably trash – into a trash can in your office.

office basketball toss

Though it sounds straightforward (and it is!), we have found that the implementation of a scoring and rules system adds another level of intrigue and excitement to an otherwise one-dimensional office game.

Official Rules for Basketball Office Game

basketball office game official rules

Office Game Shot Styles

There are 5 distinct ways to score points in OfficeBall, all of which require your ball of choice to end up in the basket. Bore your opponents with free throws or dazzle them with Harlem Globetrotter-esque buckets; the choice is yours. All shots can be made from a seated or standing position unless otherwise specified.

Free throw (1 point) – This is any shot taken approximately 4 feet away from the basket with an unobstructed view. Veteran tip – place a line of tape on the floor for reference.

Obstacle shot (3 points*) – This is a shot from anywhere where there is a visual obstruction that prevents you from seeing the opening of the basket.

3 pointer (3 points) – A standard shot with a clear line of sight based on an agreed upon distance. This distance will vary with office size, but 6 feet is the minimum suggested distance.

“Step back” shot (3 points*) – This is a shot that must be made from a seated position in a rolling desk chair. In order to execute this shot, you must kick off with your feet and successfully complete a shot while your chair is moving in a direction away from the basket.

Blind Step back (4 points*) – This is identical to a standard step back shot, with the only difference being that there is an obstacle that obstructs your view of the basket. You may also perform this shot from a visible sight line with closed eyes.

*Add 1 additional point to these shots when made from past the 3 point boundary

Sanctioned OfficeBall Balls:

  • Crumpled computer paper
  • Yogurt cap (foil, crumpled)
  • Used Napkin
  • Rubber band ball
  • Tape ball

Basketball Office Game Rules

Rule #1:  The game takes place with 2 people. Each person takes turns (similar to H-O-R-S-E) taking shots of their choice, adding to their point total each time a basket is made. Unlike HORSE, you do not need to match the shot from before you.

Rule #2:  Prior to each game, you must establish agreed upon boundaries for free throws and 3-point shots. This will differ by office and can be changed before each new game.

Rule #3:  Games are played to 21. You are allowed to surpass 21 and don’t need to hit it exactly. If the person who started the game first reaches 21, the other competitor gets one redemption shot to tie the game or take the lead. If they take the lead, this cycle continues until there is a winner. If the person who went second overall gets to 21 first, the game is over.

Rule #4:  A game started in a workplace is considered complete at the end of the work day on Friday. The point leader at this time is declared the winner.

Equipment for the Basketball Office Game

Like any physically rigorous activity, it’s imperative that you have the proper tools and equipment before jumping into your first game. With that said, see our rules as well as our recommendations for the best OfficeBall products to maximize your experience (and your office).

Best Office Basketball Hoop for OfficeBall

garbage can basketball hoop


There are 2 objects that are required for any OfficeBall game, with an office basketball hoop being the cornerstone. OfficeBall official rules dictate that some form of trash receptacle must be used to deem your game of basketball legitimate.

Between testing every garbage can local department stores had to offer and years of OfficeBall experience, settling on a standard metal mesh garbage can was a no-brainer.

It combines the aesthetic similarities of a mesh basketball net with a satisfying “ring” that accompanies every successful shot. This Amazon offering will provide you with a reliable basket at an affordable price.

Add an Attachable Hoop

For those of you who want to take your OfficeBall hoop to the next level, look no further. An attachable hoop will give you a distinct home court advantage in your office. Force your coworkers to get on your level or leave them in the dust.

office basketball attachement hoop

Best “OfficeBall” Ball

Crumpled paper
Runner ups: Yogurt top, stress ball, used napkin

Aside from a garbage can hoop you can’t play a game of OfficeBall without, well, a ball. Our expert choice for the preferred game ball is a crisply crumpled piece of 8.5” x 11” letter paper. It would be a fool’s errand to reinvent the wheel, and we’re no fools! Grab yourself an old sheet of paper and turn it into your own personal scoring vessel.

Best OfficeBall Chair Wheels

office chair basketball wheels

We were going to give our recommendation for best OfficeBall chair but changed gears after giving it some well deserved thought. After all, the player makes the chair, but the wheels make the player.

Feast your eyes on these rollerblade style wheels. They’re as smooth as glass, but much less fragile. Stop dragging around on your set of cheap plastic factory wheels and roll your way to the most fluid step back jumper in the office.


Best OfficeBall Monitor Stand

officeball monitor stand

A monitor stand is the most readily available office object used for the popular “Obstacle shot”. In addition to giving your monitor a boost to reduce common neck strains, this dual monitor stand provides a luxury option for reducing your line of sight to your OfficeBall hoop.

For smaller desks or single monitor displays, pair the Office Oasis small monitor stand.

Best Work OfficeBall Desk

Desks are such a staple of this beloved office game that we decided to give two recommendations – one for a work office setting and one for a home office. For this work office recommendation, we decided on an “L” shaped desk. A true corner office centerpiece, this “L” shaped desk will do everything but land your OfficeBall franchise a small-market valuation.

Best Home OfficeBall Desk

OfficeBall Small Desk

The most memorable OfficeBall games in history have occurred within the comfort of a home office. While it can be difficult to truly let loose in a standard office setting, a home office provides the freedom to push the OfficeBall limits.

The Office Oasis Small Desk provides a desk that will fit comfortably within any home office but doesn’t retract from the feel of your office arena in the least bit. Kick off from your spot at this desk and practice your stepbacks whenever you’re suffering from writer’s block or simply don’t have the desire to do any of your work.

Any Questions? We’re Here to Help

So, hopefully this guide has given you everything you need to compete at the highest level of OfficeBall. If you have any questions, suggestions, or office disputes, please send us an email at or message us directly on Facebook.

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