Replacement Wheels for Utility Carts: Upgrade Your Dental Office

Squeak… squeak… squeak…

Hate that feeling of always knowing where those plastic utility carts or medication carts are in your dental office, regardless of where you yourself are in the building?

Here’s the thing with common utility carts:  they come with the absolute worst swivel casters ever.  They’re always squeaking, they always announce that they’re just around the corner, and they almost always need to be coaxed around every corner. Put simply, the de facto utility casters are just not the greatest things to have been invented.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to sit in silent suffering as another replacement wheels for utility carts passes your way during the work day, forever squeaking and letting your workers and patients know how loud they can be. Replacement wheels for utility carts are a thing—and we have just the way to upgrade your own dental office.

replacement wheels for utility carts

Upgrade Your Own Dental Office

Upgrading and Replacement Wheels for Utility Carts

Whether you’re renovating your whole practice or just looking for a simple way to improve your surroundings, a great way to bring about a whole new feel is by replacing those horrifying swivel casters and wheels on your utility cart that you currently have. Why not replace them with wheels that are everything you never needed in your family dental center?

We highly recommend investing in some polyurethane caster wheels that have so many added benefits before any other type of wheel there is. The great thing about these wheels is that you can attach them to office chairs, replacement wheels for utility carts or really anything that has the proper material!

Now, there are different types of material and wheel styles that you can choose from when deciding on what type of wheel to add to your utility carts. However, we’ve found that polyurethane casters and wheels are the best universal options for an abundance of reasons (which we’ve outlined below). Obviously, your office needs the best—and, in this case, the best type of wheel for you would be polyurethane non-marking casters.

Invest in wheels that won’t damage your dental office flooring

Chances are, the wheels you currently have attached to your utility carts are scuffing up your floors in one way or another. This is actually such a common problem, as the de facto wheels that always seem to come with the utility carts people order are sometimes of lower quality.

We’ve all (sadly) been in offices or places of businesses where their flooring is ruined, in some shape or other. Quite often, this has to do with the type of wheels they use on their chairs or replacement wheels for utility carts! Don’t be like everyone else or just ignore the markings your wheels leave—change it up.  Invest in wheels that will help keep your dental office clean and as professional looking as possible.

Replacement Casters for Utility Carts, Upgrade Your Dental Office

Invest in wheels that won’t damage your dental office flooring – Dentist Office

The great thing about investing in high-quality wheels, such as polyurethane wheels, is that they won’t damage your flooring like other wheels do. Whether it’s hardwood floors, laminate flooring or just plain old (yet useful) carpeting, polyurethane wheels glide easily and smoothly without leaving a mark!

So, say goodbye to those little scuff marks you see on your current flooring after a long day’s work. Once you switch over to good old polyurethane wheels, you realize how much you’ve missed beautiful flooring that isn’t scuffed!

Say goodbye to noisy wheels

Say goodbye to noisy wheel

Replace your Noisy Wheels With New One

As mentioned above, one of the most annoying components of those horribly inefficient wheels that just naturally seem to come with utility carts is the noise level.  Every turn: a squeak. And while it may seem like no big deal, in the beginning, everyone who has ever worked in a vicinity with a ton of screeching or squeaking carts and/or chairs knows just how annoying and frustrating these situations can be.

That’s the thing about noisy furniture. It seems like no big deal at first, but it can really start to eat away and annoy both workers and patients or customers by the end of the day. And, if one is focusing on how annoyed they feel, they’re obviously not putting all of their effort or energy into being productive for the workday.

Polyurethane wheels, along with providing a smooth ride that won’t leave your flooring all scuffed up by the end of the day, also is incredibly quiet. No more squeaking sounds or loud noises during corner turns halfway through the day. No, just pure, amazing quiet instead!

Bring a modern look to your dental office

What’s the point of upgrading your office or small business if you’re just going to buy another drab component? Why not invest in high-quality wheels that actually work—along with being as stylish and modern as possible.

The great thing about these polyurethane wheels is their universality. Looking for a new set of wheels to add to those utility carts? Check. But what if you also want to add new wheels to your office chairs, your work stools or any other form of furniture that you can add wheels too? Well, these wheels will be just fine for you. Because of their universal size, you can upgrade any piece of furniture that you want!

Why should you upgrade your workplace?

Now that you know how you should upgrade your workplace, let’s talk about why you should upgrade your workplace.

We’ve talked about this subject before, but we’ll talk about it again—and we’ll continue to reiterate to everyone and anyone who will listen. Things like office furniture aren’t just items you can place in your home or place of business and call it a day—they are more important than you might realize.

Simply put, the office furniture you have could very well enforce (or not) the level of engagement and productivity happening in your place of business. If you bring about a drab level of chaotic clutter (in the form of furniture), there’s a huge chance your engagement level is going to be quite low. And that’s not even taking into consideration the workers’ productivity level.

There are so many reasons why you should change up your office from time to time. Whether it’s because change is good or because you want to make the best office possible, you should always consider how your office furniture comes into play and replacement wheels for utility carts. After all, don’t we all want to work in a productive space?

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