Have a Messy Office? Here Are The 7 Steps To Your Dream Decluttered Office

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A cluttered and messy office space can be a source of stress and distraction, making it difficult to focus and be productive. But with a little effort and organization, you can transform a chaotic workspace into a clean and efficient environment. In this article, we will provide tips on how to organize a messy office space, including decluttering techniques, strategies for keeping your workspace organized and tidy, as well as storage solutions to enhance the look and functionality of your workstation. 

Whether you have a mountain of paperwork, a collection of file folders, or a chaotic heap of office supplies, this easy to follow 7-step technique will help you in creating a well-organized and practical workspace that will boost your efficiency.

Step 1 - Step back and consider what you actually need

When organizing a cluttered office, the first thing you need to do is take a step back. Make a list of everything you see in your workstation and tag each item according to how frequent you use it and how often you need it. Items that you barely use or don't affect your overall productivity need to go. This will allow you to determine and assess what is most important in your workspace. As a result, you can focus your organizing efforts on the most essential items and design a well-thought-out office space that is optimized for productivity and efficiency.

Taking a step back before you start decluttering will also help identify potential challenges and difficulties that you may encounter while cleaning your workspace. By anticipating these challenges, you can come up with creative solutions beforehand.

Step 2 - Remove, toss, or store all items that didn’t make the list

Making a list of the things you need helps you keep track of everything you need in one place and helps you identify any gaps in your workspace. For example, if you realize that you are missing a specific tool or supplies, you can add it to your list and make sure to get it. This helps you ensure that your workspace is fully equipped and ready to support your work.

Any item in your list that you barely use but feel like you’ll be using in the future can be put in long-term storage and stowed somewhere that won’t occupy a space in your office, i.e., an attic, closet, or basement. On the other hand, items that you completely don’t use anymore, depending on their condition, can be donated, recycled, or thrown out. This way, you can effectively allocate space and resources accordingly.

Step 3 - Scan and make digital copies of your paper documents

Digitizing hardcopy of your documents is one of the most effective ways to declutter office space. Digital copies of documents take up no physical space in your office–except of course the computer where it is stored. By creating scanned copies, you can reduce the overall clutter in your home office and create more room for other essential items. 

As digital copies are easily stored on your computer, it makes accessing and finding the documents you need easier since you don’t need to physically search for paper copies. Digitized copies can be easily backed up, allowing you to access them in multiple devices. Digital backups are also useful in case you lose the physical document. Scanning your physical documents can be painstaking, but it’s a must-do step in organizing a messy home office!

Step 4 - Organize all necessary items

All the necessary items that made your list should be organized and have their designated place in your office space. This helps you quickly and easily find what you need when you need it, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the tasks you have at hand. A neat and organized workspace can promote creativity by providing a clean space for your mind to work. 

Necessary files and items can be stored in file cabinets, desk trays, and other essential desk organizers to prevent you from misplacing items that you need for everyday productivity. 

Step 5 - Use office products and accessories to help store and organize

Office products and accessories, such as filing cabinets and desk organizers provide the tools that will help you keep your workspace systematically organized, so you can access the items you need more quickly. Choosing the right accessories can help streamline your work processes and reduce the likelihood of misplacing important items.

Here are some of the must-have office organizer items to help keep a clutter-free workstation:

Filing cabinet 

Filing cabinets provide a centralized location for storing and organizing important documents and files. They also maximize the use of vertical space, making it an ideal solution for storing large amounts of physical documents in a compact and organized manner.

Desk organizer

Desk organizers are good for saving space because they provide a structured and organized solution for storing small items. You can declutter office spaces with desk organizers since they have specific compartments designed to hold different types of items, such as pens, paperclips, and other office supplies. 

Desk organizers are especially useful for those who have limited desk space, as it helps you make the most of the available space without sacrificing organization. As each item will have a designated place, miscellaneous items will not be strewn on your desk. 

Monitor stand

Monitor stands are useful accessories that help improve the ergonomics of your workspace. By using a monitor stand, you can raise the height of your monitor to eye level, reducing strain on your neck and eyes and improving your posture. This can help you work more comfortably and avoid back pains. 

Using a monitor stand can also provide more space for storage since you can easily stow small and compact items under it. 

Wall storage

Wall storages like floating shelves or pegboards are excellent ways to keep your office space clean and stylish. As floating shelves and pegboards are mounted directly on the wall, they do not eat up any floor or desk space, making it an effective way to declutter desk supplies. These types of storage can be used to store a wide range of items, such as books, paper documents, office supplies, and even decorative items. Floating shelves and pegboards also add a stylish and modern look to your office space, making it more organized and professional-looking. 

Under desk storage

Under desk storages are another great way to maximize space utilization in your office, as it allows you to organize desk clutter and utilize the space below your desk that is otherwise unused. This type of organizer keeps your cluttered office tidy, while at the same time keeping handy items within reach. Under desk storage solutions are incredibly easy to install making it a quick and simple solution for decluttering your home office. 

Under desk cable organizer

Having good cable management creates a visually appealing and professional workspace. Under desk cable organizers will help reduce clutter by tucking cables out of sight. It can also prevent any accidents since cable organizers will reduce the likelihood of you tripping over messy cables. Taking the time to properly manage your cables can create a more functional and clutter-free home office. 

Step 6 - Keep it simple

Focus only on the essentials. Sometimes, the most effective way to declutter office space is to keep it minimalistic. A minimalist setup can help you focus better on your work and boost concentration. Tidy and organized workstations can also help inspire creativity and efficiency, and create an overall relaxed environment. 

Step 7 - Maintain a reorganization schedule

Create a recurring schedule for cleaning and reorganizing your workspace. Decluttering your workstation routinely will stop you from regressing to a messy office space in the future. Depending on your availability, you can set a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly cleaning schedule. You can start with a weekly reorganization schedule, preferably on a weekend, and decrease frequency until regular decluttering becomes second nature. This will help you establish good practices to declutter home office supplies and keep your workspace functional and clean over time.

Turning a messy home office into a practical workspace

Creating a well-organized office space is not just about decluttering, but also making sure that everything has a designated place and can be easily accessed. The seven steps outlined in this article provide a simple and easy-to-follow guide to help you turn a messy home office into an efficient and stress-free workspace. By focusing on the essential items you need, you can reduce distractions and boost productivity. With the use of simple and innovative office products and accessories, not only will you improve the overall aesthetics of your workstation, but you will also create a decluttered office space ready to support your everyday work.

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