Revolutionary New Way To Replace an Office Chair Cylinder

replace office chair cylinder

Is your office chair sinking every time you sit down? The best way to repair your chair is by replacing the cylinder. (There are quite a few DIY "quick fix" options, but those are only a temporary fix to the sinking chair.) So, what are the steps to replace an office chair cylinder?

It's a fact that installing a new replacement gas lift is the easy part, but removing an office chair cylinder can be extremely difficult. You'll see youtube videos of people struggling with hammers and pipe wrenches trying to remove the piston from the chair seat, with no success.

So, forget about the pipe wrench. The revolutionary new way is with an office chair cylinder removal tool. We will outline all of steps to remove and replace a gas lift chair cylinder in this article. Or you can just watch the video below.

Step-by-Step Video - How to Replace an Office Chair Cylinder

Check out the ultimate step-by-step video guide to replace an office chair cylinder. 


What Tools & Items Do I Need?

The older method of replacing a chair cylinder required the use of a heavy duty pipe wrench. However, The Office Oasis offers a full cylinder replacement kit that comes with:

  • New Chair Cylinder
  • Cylinder Removal Tools (created specifically for this process)
  • Work Gloves
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Manual

The other tools not included in the cylinder replacement kit that are needed:

  • Standard hammer or mallet
  • Newspapers, plastic bags, or an old towel (to protect your work area from grease/stains)

How to Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair

how to remove gas lift from office chair
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