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There is a reason Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most recognized brands in ergonomic office chairs. It is comfortable, ergonomic, environmentally friendly chair for every body type. However, the Aeron chair is expensive. So to get the most out of your chair, it makes sense to upgrade/repair it with replacement Aeron chair parts. Here are the 7 commonly replaced Herman Miller Aeron chair parts list:

  1. Aeron Chair Casters
  2. Aeron Chair Cylinder
  3. Aeron Chair Arm Pad Replacement
  4. Aeron Lumbar Support
  5. Aeron PostureFit Support
  6. Aeron Chair Seat Replacement
  7. Aeron Chair Back Replacement

Commonly Replaced Herman Miller Aeron Chair Parts

aeron chair parts diagram

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Parts Diagram for Replacement Parts 

Aeron Chair Casters

Aeron Chair Casters

Office chair casters are the most replaced (or upgraded) Herman Miller Aeron chair parts. The stock aeron chair wheels will see lots of wear and tear only after a few years of use. This will cause the plastic chair casters to eventually break-down and prevent smooth rolling. If enough wear takes place you might even risk damaging your floors.

best replacement aeron chair casters

Instead of simply replacing your wheels with OEM herman miller replacement casters, it is best to consider an upgrade. The traditional "twin-wheel" casters allow your chair to move, but they have many limitations. Standard OEM Aeron casters can cause damage to hardwood floors, get tangled with hair and debris, and break after only a few years.

The Office Oasis rollerblade chair casters are regarded as the best upgrade for Herman Miller Aeron chairs. These heavy-duty wheels are encased with soft polyurethane that is guaranteed to protect your floors and will last as long as your Aeron chair does.  

oem aeron chair casters compare

Here's what Herman Miller Aeron chair owners are saying about The Office Oasis rollerblade wheels:

"Outstanding new wheel set for my Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Very smooth on tile, rolls great. In the past 8 days where I use my home office often, this is much better set of wheels than the original factory ones."  - Tom D.

"I upgrade my Herman Miller Aeron chair's wheels with these replacements when the original wheels cracked. Replacement needed no tools and took less than 3 minutes. The chair moves easily now and I am much less concerned about damage to my floor." - Don C. 

"There are a few things you buy that you hope will be an improvement but you sort of know deep inside you'll be disappointed. These are the opposite. They are absolutely wonderful. High quality and a vast improvement over the original. I only wish I had found them before my OEM Aeron wheels destroyed the finish on my hardwood floors. At least, now I can win office chair races!"  - E. Perker

Upgrade your Casters Here

How to Replace Aeron Chair Casters

Worried about the process of replacing your Aeron wheels? Don't be, it's easy and doesn't require any tools.

Office chair casters are removed by pulling the caster stem directly from the chair wheel base (You might want to use a glove or old towel for better grip). New casters are inserted by pressing the stem into the chair base sockets.

Here are some more details on how to replace chair wheels. Or simply watch the video below:


Aeron Chair Cylinder

Aeron Chair Cylinder

Does your Aeron chair sink to the lowest setting when you sit down? This usually means that your Aeron gas lift cylinder is worn out and no longer works properly.

aeron chair cylinder

Many Herman Miller chair owners may think it is time to buy a brand new chair. That is not the case. You can actually repair your Aeron chair by replacing the gas lift cylinder.  This is one of the most critical Aeron chair parts to extend the life of your chair, and it will provide an additional 6 years of lift function.

Herman Miller does not provide an OEM cylinder replacement, so we designed a cylinder kit that is compatible with Herman Miller Aeron chairs. The removal of the old cylinder was one of the toughest challenges during the cylinder replacement process. So in each cylinder kit, we included our exclusive removal tool (which works by using clamps and screws to "pull" the cylinder out of the chair).

Purchase your Replacement Aeron Chair Cylinder Here

How to Replace Your Aeron Chair Cylinder

Step 1: Using the chair lift lever, raise the gas lift cylinder to the highest position. Then gently lay the office chair on its side.

Step 2: Attach the shaft collar removal tools to the old cylinder.

Step 3: Thread in the removal screws to the lower shaft collar. Step 4: As you continue to tighten the removal screws, the cylinder will slowly begin to pull away from the chair mechanism.

Step 5: Separate the chair base from the old cylinder. This can be accomplished by striking the cylinder with a wooden block and large hammer.

Step 6: Install your new chair cylinder by placing it into the chair base, then into the chair mechanism. (Note: make sure to remove the plastic cap/cover on the cylinder button before installing)

If you would like additional details, here's a guide on how to remove and replace the cylinder in your office chair. Or you can simply watch the video below:


Arm Pad

Aeron Chair Arm Pad Replacement 

The arm pads on your Herman Miller chair can get worn out, deteriorate, peel or crack. And you can freshen up the feel and look to your Aeron chair with this simple Herman Miller replacement part.

aeron chair arm pad replacement

There are two options depending on what you are looking for:

Leather arm pad replacement ($95 on the Herman Miller store). This is the classic genuine leather arm pad that is double hand stitched. They come in black, smoke, or chocolate leather colors.

Vinyl arm pad replacement ($25 on the Herman Miller store). This is the more affordable arm pad made with a vinyl material. It provides a stiff, and rigid feel for a more commercial aeron chair style. They come in black or smoke colors.

How to Replace Aeron Chair Arm Pad

The Aeron chair arm pad is easily removed with a Phillips head screwdriver. For more details on how to remove and replace Aeron chair arm pads, see the assembly instructions.  


**IMPORTANT** - The following Aeron chair parts (lumbar support, posturefit support, seat & back replacement) require you to match the replacement part size to the chair size (A, B or C)


How to Check the Size of Your Aeron Chair (A, B, or C)

The best way to determine the size of your Aeron chair is to feel along the inside frame of the top portion of the chair back. You will feel small raised dots in the plastic.

1 Dot = A size (Small)
2 Dots = B size (Medium)
3 Dots = C size (Large) Lumbar

Aeron Lumbar Support

The Aeron chair lumbar support pad ($24-$95 on the Herman Miller store) is an important accessory for your Herman Miller chair. It provides two depth settings of lower back support to ensure your back is in the correct ergonomic position.

aeron chair lumbar support

**IMPORTANT** Check the size compatibility before purchasing. There are three sizes of Herman Miller Aeron chairs: A (small chair size), B (medium chair size), and C (large size chair). See how to check the size of your Aeron chair above.

How to Replace Aeron Lumber Support Pad

The lumbar pad slides on and off the rails on the back of the Aeron chair. It does not require any tools to adjust or replace. The lumbar support pad has two (2) settings: a thick (increased support) side and a thin (standard support) side. It is best to choose the setting that feels the most comfortable and positions your back in an ergonomic position.

View Lumbar Support Video


Aeron PostureFit Support

The Aeron PostureFit support ($125 on the Herman Miller store) was designed for maximum back support. It has to individual support pads that move independently.

posturefit support

**IMPORTANT** Check the size compatibility before purchasing.

The top pad supports your lumbar, and the bottom pad stabilizes your sacrum. The PostureFit can be adjusted to the specific curvature of your spine.

This is a great addition to your Aeron chair, and is an upgrade from the standard lumbar support pad. The PostureFit is one of those Aeron chair parts that help users who require extra back support from the base of your spine to the middle of your back. See the video in the link below to see how to install a Aeron PostureFit.

View PostureFit Replacement Video


Aeron Chair Seat Replacement

A full Aeron seat replacement ($150-$240) might even be something you are willing to replace.

aeron chair seat replacement

**IMPORTANT** Check the size compatibility before purchasing.

Aeron Chair Seat Replacement Size A (Small)

Aeron Chair Seat Replacement Size B (Medium)

Aeron Chair Seat Replacement Size C (Large)


The Aeron seat was designed with a strong mesh support system. It also features a front seat pan curve, which greatly helps to reduce stress in your knees and legs while sitting.

If your current Aeron seat is worn, cracked or the mesh is ripped, a replacement seat is perfect for you. Check out the video in the link below to see how to replace the seat.

View Aeron Seat Replacement Video


Aeron Chair Back Replacement

In some cases you may want to replace the entire Aeron chair back frame ($200-$250).

aeron chair back replacement

**IMPORTANT** Check the size compatibility before purchasing.

If your current chair back frame has damage to the mesh, or is just in need of replacement, a new chair back would be ideal. See the video below for details on how to replace the Aeron chair back.

View Aeron Back Replacement Video

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