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Chair Cylinder Replacement


Revive your sinking office chair by replacing the cylinder instead of buying a brand new chair. This kit comes with everything you need to repair your chair. Learn More

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Description & Details

The Complete Cylinder Replacement Kit

Sure, there are plenty of other office chair cylinder replacements you could purchase. But ours comes with everything you need to complete the full installation and feel good about your purchase:

Extra Heavy Duty Chair CylinderObviously the most important item in the replacement kit. Our desk chair cylinders are all Class 4, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders on the market. They have even been tested to support up to 1000 lbs without fail.

Cylinder Removal Tools - Developed specifically for removing your old chair cylinder that seems impossible to budge. The removal mechanism makes the process much easier. No more struggling and spending hours with a pipe wrench trying to pry the cylinder loose.

Gloves, Step-by-Step Instructions - We're here for you every step of the way. Each replacement kit comes with detailed installation instructions and gloves.

Lifetime Hassle-Free Warranty - Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality office chair parts so you can extend the life of your chair. So if for some reason our cylinder fails, leaks, or starts sinking - email us, and we'll send you a brand new one. Our warranty never expires.


Industry Standard Size:
This pneumatic piston cylinder will fit almost every office chair on the market.
Piston Diameter: 1-1/8" (28mm)
Column Diameter: 2" (50mm)

Weight Capacity:
1000 lbs

Cylinder Class:
Class 4 Gas Lift
(Known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this cylinder fit my specific chair?
Our office chair cylinders are the industry universal standard size and will fit almost all office chairs. The cylinder measures 2” (50mm) at the bottom where it fits into the chair base, and 1-1/8” (28mm) at the top where it fits into the chair seat.

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase our cylinder and it does not fit your specific chair we’ll give you a full refund.

How do I remove & install an office chair gas lift cylinder?
Every cylinder we ship comes standard with cylinder removal tools and step-by-step instructions to successfully remove and install a gas lift chair cylinder.

For complete step-by-step instructions check out our how to replace an office chair cylinder guide.

What is the weight capacity for this chair cylinder?
Our chair cylinders will support up to 1000lbs. They are all Class 4 gas lifts, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders.


Customer Reviews

Based on 999 reviews
Darren P.
Replacement gas spring

Fits just right. Easy to remove. Easy instructions. Works well. Bought a 2nd. Glad to purchase from your company.


Very simple and Quick Repair. Kept the chair from going to the trash heap and saved a lot of money.

Robin H.
My Chair now Works

I bought the replacement cylinder. The only issue I had was the allen wrench didn't quite fit into the space after I put on both rings. I had to force it and it was difficult. But I did get it to work. Definitely follow the directions. I skipped the part where you can't line up the rings and it made things bad until I fixed that. Then it went well. I would definitely recommend this as an easy cheap way to extend the life ofyour chair.

Robert B.

nice replacement tools and parts and instructions.

Gregory T.
Quick and easy!

My sweetie was suffering from a sore neck. Her office chair would slowly lose height and she would end up with bad posture. I located this product and watched the videos and chose to order the replacement kit.
It arrived the next day. I was pleased and went to work. The removal tool is very easy to use.
The remaining bit, the base, not so much. As indicated, there only brute force that will remove the base, so I placed a couple of leftover bits of oak flooring on my bench vice and pulled out my 3lb hammer. It took some smacking, but finally the old, leaky part hit the floor and I could place the new parts in the chair base. Very easy, once that was done.
I like the new cylinder, and now her issue is that she has to lower the chair to the correct position, instead of raise it. What novelty!
Suggested it as a solution to a co-worker who is using a folding chair since his office chair cylinder failed.