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Chair Cylinder Replacement

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Revive your sinking office chair by replacing the cylinder instead of buying a brand new chair.  This kit comes with everything you'll need to repair your chair:  The best chair cylinder on the market, removal tools, step-by-step instructions, and gloves.

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Removal Tools Included
High Weight Capcity
Step-by-Step Instructions Included
Universal Standard Size
6 Year Warranty

The Complete Cylinder Replacement Kit

Sure, there are plenty of other office chair cylinder replacements you could purchase. But ours comes with everything you need to complete the full installation and feel good about your purchase:

Extra Heavy Duty Chair Cylinder - Obviously the most important item in the replacement kit. Our desk chair cylinders are all Class 4, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders on the market. They have even been tested to support up to 1000 lbs without fail.

Cylinder Removal Tools - Developed specifically for removing your old chair cylinder that seems impossible to budge. The removal mechanism makes the process much easier. No more struggling and spending hours with a pipe wrench trying to pry the cylinder loose.

Gloves, Step-by-Step Instructions & Our 6 Year Warranty - We're here for you every step of the way. Each replacement kit comes with detailed installation instructions and gloves.

6 Year Hassle-Free Warranty - Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality office chair parts so you can extend the life of your chair. So if for some reason our cylinder fails, leaks, or starts sinking - email us, and we'll send you a brand new one. Our warranty lasts for up to 6 years from your purchase date.

Universal Standard Size (Fits 95% of Office Chairs)

This pneumatic piston cylinder will fit almost every office chair on the market. It has a standard 1-1/8" (28mm) diameter piston for fit into a chair mechanism, and a standard 2" (50mm) diameter column for fit into a chair base. If it doesn't fit your specific chair, return it for a full refund and we'll even cover the cost of shipping for you.

Will this cylinder fit my specific chair?

Our office chair cylinders are the industry universal standard size and will fit almost all office chairs. The cylinder measures 2” (50mm) at the bottom where it fits into the chair base, and 1-1/8” (28mm) at the top where it fits into the chair seat.

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase our cylinder and it does not fit your specific chair we’ll give you a full refund.

How do I remove & install an office chair gas lift cylinder?

Every cylinder we ship comes standard with cylinder removal tools and step-by-step instructions to successfully remove and install a gas lift chair cylinder.

For complete step-by-step instructions check out our how to replace an office chair cylinder guide.

What is the weight capacity for this chair cylinder?

Our chair cylinders will support up to 1000lbs. They are all Class 4 gas lifts, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders.


We spend a lot of money on our ergonomic office chairs, but after some time the cylinder loses its lift.



No one should have to deal with an office chair that keeps sinking. It’s time to repair your chair!



Purchase the Cylinder Kit


Remove Your Old Cylinder
(With Our Included Removal Tool)


Revive Your Office Chair
(And Sit Comfortably at Your Desk)


Fits 95% of Office Chairs

chair cylinder standard size

Worried the Cylinder Won't Fit Your Office Chair?

The majority of office chairs are built in the same way. So unless you have a non-standard chair, chances are it will fit. Plus we're happy to offer you free returns and even pay for the return shipping if it isn't compatible.


Steps Below Show the Removal Tools in Action

Attach shaft collars to old chair cylinder piston.
Tighten lower shaft collar, leave upper shaft collar slightly loose.
Add screws, allow screws to press against the surface of upper shaft collar.
Tighten screws until old chair cylinder is completely removed from chair seat.
Simply add your new office chair cylinder replacement

Comes With Everything Needed To Fix Your Chair

By Joyce P.

The kit was a complete package with easy to follow instructions and easy to use parts. Well worth the money. The chair is operating like new. Thank you for your product!!!

Perfect Replacement for Herman Miller Aeron

By Ben N.

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with this product – I have now been able to remove the old cylinders from 4 Aeron Chairs that had been firmly stuck in place after 15 years of constant use and have defeated several previous attempts to be replaced – your replacement tool made a difficult job very easy.

Easy Removal, Even Easier Installation

Shannon T.

The removal tool was a huge selling point for me. I was stuck (literally) on removing the old cylinder from the base of the seat.

The removal tool worked like a charm and I’m back in my comfy chair again. As a tip – use two wrenches at the same time on the nuts that push the rings apart – makes things go smoother.


Customer Reviews

Based on 491 reviews

Great product. The replacement took less than 30 minutes

Their quality is higher than the original chair

The chair I bought this for is a very expensive chair, they average is about $700 to $1000. The company is very well known for having some of the highest quality chairs out there. The piston in it failed so I bought a replacement here. The quality is visibly higher and it came very well package the pressure is incredibly strong and the casing is very good as well. 100% would order from here again!

Very satisfied customer

As anyone who investigated this product has discovered, removal/installation can be a challenging process that not everyone will navigate successfully. I knew this from the reviews I read prior to purchase. The product arrived and I found the instructions to be quite clear despite the fact that, when I followed them, the process was initially unsuccessful.

I described my issue to them and they had a few suggestions that ultimately resulted in a successful installation and a very satisfied customer with a chair that now works perfectly.

They tell the customer at the time of purchase that they will refund the cost of the product if installation is unsuccessful. This offer seemed sincere as they repeated the offer throughout my communication with them.

My only reservation (4 stars instead of 5) is the modality that they seem to require to communicate your issues to them. There is no phone # (at least that I could find), the chat function was not particularly useful and I am not sure, even at the present time, that the chat function was actually performed by a person instead of a chatbot. The only mode of communication I could find, and the one that ultimately worked for me was......email! I described my situation (could have attached pics if I thought it might be useful) and after a period of time and several notes back and forth, I got the suggestion that actually worked for me. It simply required a bit of patience to walk away from the attempted installation until you got an email response.

As stated, I am very happy with my outcome and would have rated them 5 stars except for lack of phone and chat support. Despite this, they clearly care about generating satisfied customers and succeeded in my case. (In addition, I am very impressed with the engineering of this removal product that ultimately requires an extraordinarily tight grip on a very smooth, hard and slippery cylindrical metal surface.)

replaced chair cylinder

I have an expensive office chair that the seat kept lowering as you sat in it. I did not want to spend the money on a new costly chair so I did some research and found The Office Oasis. Great video of what I was experiencing with my chair and how to replace the cylinder. I ordered the kit and it was just like the video , easy , great instructions and an awesome result. Saved a ton of money that I would of spent on a new chair.

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