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Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels

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1972 reviews
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Office chair wheels that are so smooth your hardwood floors will thank you.  These heavy-duty rollerblade style wheels are regarded as the best upgrade/replacement for your office chair.  Comes in a set of 5 wheels.

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Safe For All Floors
High Weight Capacity
Smooth Rolling Wheels
Quiet Rolling Wheels
110% Money Back Guarantee

Why do all office chairs come with those cheap plastic wheels?

Traditional chair wheels leave scratches on floors, get tangled with hair and debris, are squeaky, and break easily.

The Office Oasis developed the unique solution of using rollerblade style casters and integrating them into chair wheels. Solving all of the common problems with chair wheels, these casters provide: Smooth and silent rolling, scratch-free floors, high weight capacity (650lbs), tangle-free movement, and years of durability.

Universal Standard Size (Fits 95% of Office Chairs)

Each caster wheels features a grip ring stem, which enables them to be attached to the base of an office chair without the use of any tools.

The stem size is 7/16" diameter by 7/8" length. This is the standard size of almost all office chairs on the market. Some compatible brands include: Herman Miller Aeron, Steelcase, dxracer, Humanscale Freedom, Lazyboy Serta, Hon, Boss, and many more. To check compatibility, pull out your current chair wheels and measure the stem. *Does not fit IKEA brand office chairs.

If our wheels do not fit your specific chair, return them for a full refund and we'll even cover the cost of shipping for you.

I'd like to order more than one set, do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, many of our customers order multiple sets of chair casters. Please fill out our bulk order form, and we’ll send you an instant quote.

Will these wheels fit my specific chair?

Our office chair wheels use a 7/16” (11mm) diameter x 7/8” (22mm) length stem. This is regarded as the industry universal standard and will fit almost all office chairs. There are a few brands that use a different size stem which our wheels are not compatible with. Our wheels do not fit with IKEA chair.

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase these casters and they do not fit your current chair we’ll give you a full refund.

Will these damage my hardwood floors?

Absolutely not! Our office chair wheels are guaranteed not to scratch, damage, or leave marks on your hardwood floors. They are constructed with soft polyurethane, which is the best protection for all hard surfaces.

Do I still need to use a plastic floor mat with these wheels equipped?

If you plan to use these on a hard surface, you will not need a floor mat. Our chair wheels are encased in soft, polyurethane material and will not scratch or leave marks on any surface. This includes hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, pergo, and all other surfaces.

If you are using these on a plush/shag carpet (thick carpeting), you may want to keep the floor mat for some extra ease of movement in your chair.

What is the weight capacity for these chair wheels?

The heavy duty design supports up to 650 lbs as a set of 5. (130 lbs for each caster wheel)

How do I remove my old wheels and install the new ones?

It’s actually very simple. Remove the old chair wheels by gripping wheel firmly and pulling stem from chair socket. Install the new chair wheels by pushing caster stem all the way into chair socket.

For a complete step-by-step guide check out our how to replace chair wheels blog post.

Will these wheels raise the height of my office chair?

Yes, our caster wheels will raise the chair height about 1 to 1-1/2 inches when compared with traditional plastic style wheels.


The cheap plastic wheels on office chairs can destroy your flooring and costs hundreds of dollars to fix.



Like you, we were frustrated that even expensive office chairs have wheels that damage floors.



Purchase the Wheels


Replace the Bad Wheels
(Ours are the Universal Standard Size)


Enjoy Beautiful Floors in Your Office


Protect Your Beautiful Hardwood Floors (Or Laminate, Tile, Vinyl, etc)

chair wheels for hardwood
floor types

Stop Damaging Your Expensive Hard Wood Floors.

Traditional chair wheels use cheap, low quality materials that destroy your flooring. We don't. Encased with soft, polyurethane material our rollerblade style wheels are guaranteed not to scratch or leave marks on any surface.

Smooth, Quiet Rolling

Why limit your office space to 36" x 48" of movement? Instead, toss that bulky floor mat and glide freely around the office.
Plastic office chair mats have actually been shown to cause more harm than good in many cases. Our rollerblade style wheels completely eliminate the need for chair mats on hard surfaces and dramatically increase the mobility of your office chair.


60,000+ OFFICES

Keep Their Floors in Perfect Condition

Perfect Upgrade for Your Chair - Ordering Another Set for Another Chair

By Murph

Amazing, actually saw something similar on Kickstarter and figured it couldn’t be an original idea so bought the one with the most reviews online. Love them a great upgrade to my office chair that I spent $400+ on. Keeps things much quieter on the wood floor and moves very easily. Only complaint is almost too easily because my chair kind of moves around a lot now but I dont mind it. Much better than a mat and way better than the plastic casters.

Strong and Smooth Ride

By John K.

As a disabled vet with a left leg amputation, the Heavy Duty Caster Wheels are just what I needed. They are really great on our tile floors, very quiet and add at least 1 1/2″ to the height of the chair. Just enough to reduce the stress of getting up. The quality of the caster wheels is excellent.

Love These Wheels for Our Office!

By Raymond S.

The wheels are constructed of excellent quality materials. They installed very easily and are a perfect fit. I bought 2 sets of these wheels for our office after having a new luxury vinyl floor installed. They glide with ease and after 8 months of use show no sign of wear on our floor. I highly recommend this product.

Awesome Casters for Aeron Chair

By Diego F.

I use this caster on hard floor, for an aeron chair, I wasn’t sure to change my original Herman miller caster, but I decide to change the caster because the normal caster that came with the aeron start to leave black spots on the floor, I can tell you that this casters work great in hard floor and the installation took 2 minutes, highly recommended to someone that wants to change the aeron original casters.

Great for Use on Hard Floors Without Scratching.

T. Tran

We recently had new luxury vinyl plank flooring installed and the old casters on my desk chair were starting to create scratches. These solved the problem with the added benefit of being both quieter and smoother. No complaints here!

The Only Acceptable Use for Rollerblade Wheels in This Day and Age

By Eric P.

There are a few things you buy that you hope will be an improvement but you sort of know deep inside you’ll be disappointed. These are the opposite. They are absolutely wonderful. High quality and a vast improvement over the original. I only wish I had found them before my OEM Aeron wheels destroyed the finish on my hardwood floors. At least, now I can win office chair races!


Home Offices - Commercial Offices - Universities - Hospitals - Dental Offices - Veterinary Clinics - Industrial Offices


1972 reviews

I bought two sets - one for home and one for office - so far they work great, and they look good, too. Seller is also A+ - quick and easy purchase and received the products faster than expected.

Posted by Michael C.

When I ordered my Herman Miller Aeron chair, I also ordered these caster wheels. These casters are super smooth and easy to install. The original casters are OK but are nothing like these replacements. Makes my chair a better chair!

Posted by Guy M.

I wish I had done this replacement months ago. The wheels move easily and silently. Installation was easy and fast. Followup from the vendor is much appreciated although I had no issues with the product.

Posted by Robert M.

Great wheels - very smooth and very quiet. Quite the difference! So much better than chair mats

Posted by Stephen C.

LOVE these wheels!! Using them eliminates the need to have a floor mat on our wood floors. Bought a set for myself and teen son, and then my husband wanted a set for his chair. You won't be disappointed!

Posted by Wendy M.

I had the wheels on my DX Racer gaming chair wear out and start to fall apart. I was disappointed to find out that DX Racer still does not ship to where I live, even their smaller parts. So when received these wheels and they fit and felt good on the chair I was very happy. This chair has lasted 9 years and is still going strong and now it should last for awhile longer. The new wheels actually feel better than the original wheels that came with the chair and keep the same height as the old wheels did. I would recommend these to anybody who would like to keep their chair but need new wheels.

Posted by Ryan L.

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