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Chair Cylinder Replacement


Revive your sinking office chair by replacing the cylinder instead of buying a brand new chair. This kit comes with everything you need to repair your chair. Learn More

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Description & Details

The Complete Cylinder Replacement Kit

Sure, there are plenty of other office chair cylinder replacements you could purchase. But ours comes with everything you need to complete the full installation and feel good about your purchase:

Extra Heavy Duty Chair CylinderObviously the most important item in the replacement kit. Our desk chair cylinders are all Class 4, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders on the market. They have even been tested to support up to 1000 lbs without fail.

Cylinder Removal Tools - Developed specifically for removing your old chair cylinder that seems impossible to budge. The removal mechanism makes the process much easier. No more struggling and spending hours with a pipe wrench trying to pry the cylinder loose.

Gloves, Step-by-Step Instructions - We're here for you every step of the way. Each replacement kit comes with detailed installation instructions and gloves.

Lifetime Hassle-Free Warranty - Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality office chair parts so you can extend the life of your chair. So if for some reason our cylinder fails, leaks, or starts sinking - email us, and we'll send you a brand new one. Our warranty never expires.


Industry Standard Size:
This pneumatic piston cylinder will fit almost every office chair on the market.
Piston Diameter: 1-1/8" (28mm)
Column Diameter: 2" (50mm)

Weight Capacity:
1000 lbs

Cylinder Class:
Class 4 Gas Lift
(Known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this cylinder fit my specific chair?
Our office chair cylinders are the industry universal standard size and will fit almost all office chairs. The cylinder measures 2” (50mm) at the bottom where it fits into the chair base, and 1-1/8” (28mm) at the top where it fits into the chair seat.

We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you purchase our cylinder and it does not fit your specific chair we’ll give you a full refund.

How do I remove & install an office chair gas lift cylinder?
Every cylinder we ship comes standard with cylinder removal tools and step-by-step instructions to successfully remove and install a gas lift chair cylinder.

For complete step-by-step instructions check out our how to replace an office chair cylinder guide.

What is the weight capacity for this chair cylinder?
Our chair cylinders will support up to 1000lbs. They are all Class 4 gas lifts, which are known as the most durable, longest lasting, & highest quality gas lift cylinders.


Customer Reviews

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The Cylinder Removal Tool Was a Lifesaver - Brilliant!

Below is a copy of the review I left on Amazon. Thank you for inventing the cylinder removal tool - it's incredible!

The cylinder pooped out on my office chair recently. I love my chair and spent a good amount of money for it and didn't want to get a new one. I'm pretty handy around the house, so I went on YouTube (my go to place) and searched for how to replace a chair cylinder. All 4 of the videos I saw told me to use a plumber's wrench to remove the end of the cylinder that fits into the bottom of the chair. Looked like a piece of cake to me, so I went for it! I'm a 78 year old women and my grip is not as strong as it used to be. I tried using the wrench but just couldn't get enough pressure on the wrench handles. So, I tried using my large vise grips. It still wouldn't budge!! So, I went back to YouTube and saw one entitled, How to remove a chair cylinder without a plumber's wrench." So, I gave it a look-see, and boy was I thrilled. It happened to be a video by the The Office Oasis Company that makes the ingenious cylinder removal tool which comes with the cylinder they sell. It worked like a charm, with little or no effort! The removal tool is simply brilliant!!

Great kit! Aaron chair {pre 2012} worked perfectly

Fantastic experience. Replaced cylinder on 1999 Aeron Chair. Collars were crucial in getting the chair off the cylinder which makes the kit so well thought out. The chair does sit about 1 inch higher than before but totally within a normal range [I'm 6 ft]. Bought on Amazon.

Lawrence S.
Thumbs up

Cylinder works fine. Very fast one day delivery.

A No-nonsense Upgrade

Having performed a previous cylinder replacement a number of years ago I distinctly remember it as a very laborious and hard fought battle to remove the cylinder from the chair frame which I had hoped to never have to do ever again. The Office Oasis replacement and upgrade kit has now made this task extremely easy and almost fun. The wheel(s) upgrade and chair cylinder replacement procedure were both outstandingly simple and easy; even removal of the old height adjustment cylinder proved remarkably easy and effortless. I highly recommend this kit offered by The Office Oasis to everyone seeking to improve the functioning, comfort and durability of any office chair. A simply outstanding product innovation.

Zack R.
Stop spamming me.

Stop spamming me.