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Bamboo Desk Organizer


Studies have shown that people with an organized desk stay focused 167% longer than those with a cluttered desk. No brainer, right? Simply purchase this organizer, get rid of desk clutter, and get more done while working. Learn More

Color: Natural & Black

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Description & Details

Put some "You" in Your Office - Each compartment can be rearranged and customized...for You. Whether you’re right-handed. Left-handed. Or you’re just particular about how you like your stuff arranged. This supply holder adapts to your workspace.

“Check Out My Desk” - This is what you’ll be saying to friends and coworkers with messy, cluttered desks. Your workspace will be something you’re proud of that you can’t wait to show off. The modern organizer tidies up your office, and looks good doin’ it.

U.S. PATENT 11,026,508 - Designed and Engineered right here in the USA. Magnetic base for quick and easy customization. Solid bamboo and high grade plastic for lifetime durability. Non-slip rubber feet so it doesn’t slide around on your desk. Perfect size compartments for all of your pens, pencils, post-its, paper clips, and phone.


Base - Solid Bamboo with Magnetic Grid
Organizing Compartments - ABS Plastic
Feet - Non-Slip Silicone

13.5" x 3.25" x 3.75"
Please refer to image in photo gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the phone holder compatible with my phone?
Yes, the phone holder was designed to be universal, so it will fit all phone models no matter the size or thickness.


Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Douglas H.

Terrific product and company. Thank you.

Brenda P.
desk organizer

Love the magnetic pegs that allow me to customize the desk organizer to the space that I have to use it. Great product

Pamela D.
Love it for my office

I have a very small desk in my office so having a desk organizer which is very compact is super helpful! Everything is in arms reach!!


Product is as advertised. No problems. Very easy to configure to your liking.

Kathleen E.
Love this!!!

It's nice to be able to arrange your work tools to match your workflow. I do wish there were more size options (bigger!) maybe magnets on the sides so the bases could be hitched together), and options for other types of containers & the materials the containers are made from - rattan, glass, bamboo , and metal come to mind. Possibly even a pedestal space for your office muse, like my Boyd glass owl.