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Dual Computer Monitor Stand


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Looking to raise your monitor screens? Or simply need some storage space below? This stand does both, and looks good doing it. Solid bamboo with stainless steel legs holds your heaviest or largest monitors. Learn More

Color: Natural

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Description & Details

Save Space, Get Organized - You can finally have the desktop space and organization you’ve been looking for. Easily store your office accessories & supplies under your monitor and use your desk for working or writing. It can also be used with your TV stand for items like your cable box, Xbox One, PS4, or other media players.

Stunning & Modern - Not only does this stand raise your screen to the perfect ergonomic height, it ACTUALLY looks good. While your friends and co-workers are stacking books to raise their screen or using cheap & industrial monitor stands, you will have a modern stand that looks amazing on your desk.

Holds Your Heaviest Monitors - Other monitor stands are built with low quality materials and eventually sag or crack over time. This one simply won’t. So feel free to set your heaviest monitors, laptops, all-in-one computers (iMac), printers, or even tv screens on this stand and it will not budge.

Damage-Free Delivery - If your new monitor riser arrives scratched, dented, or damaged in any way - just send us a quick message and we’ll send you a brand new stand. It’s our promise to you.


42" x 10.5" x 4.25"
Refer to dimensions image in product gallery for more details

Top - 100% Bamboo
Legs - Stainless Steel w/ Non-Slip Feet

Weight Capacity:
100 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my monitor stand arrives damaged?
We have a Damage-Free Delivery Promise. That means if your monitor riser comes damaged, scratched, or broken, we will send you a brand new one. Completely free of charge. We won’t even charge you for any return shipping.

How much weight can this stand hold?
This stand will easily hold your heaviest monitor, laptop, all-in-one computer, iMac, printer, or even TV screen. If you still really need the specific weight rating, it is 100 lbs.


Customer Reviews

Based on 372 reviews
Perfect Monitor Stand

This was exactly the monitor stand I was looking for! It is sturdy, well-built, assembled in seconds and shipped fast! I have two 27" monitors which sit side-by-side and there is plenty of room on both ends of the monitor stands. As somebody who works full-time from home, I frequently switch between my work laptops and my home desktop. This stand makes it east to switch back and forth and place my laptops or keyboard underneath the stand. I'm a cable neat-freak and the extra space helps organize and manage the excess lengths of some of the cords.

This is the perfect monitor stand and I am incredibly happy with it!

Linda G.
Exactly what I was looking for

The color matches my desk perfectly. The wood top is solid and straight and the metal legs are sturdy with nice hardware to screw into. I love that my laptop fits under it perfectly as do does my keyboard when not in use.

Overall very satisfied.

Overall, I really like this monitor stand. I got the longer option so I could fit my two monitors on top and so far I think it looks fantastic! It's a bit longer and narrower than I imagined, but that's my fault for not bothering to measure and just bought it off of my estimations.Set up was a breeze. It's basically just screwing on the legs and you're done.The color is pretty much what it looks like, and the finishing on it makes it all very smooth. I can run my hands across all edges and sides and it feels oh-so nice.But what it comes down to is, would I buy it again? Mmm, while I certainly hope I don't have to replace this one anytime soon, yeah I probably would.Would I recommend it? For sure. Feels sturdy and I really enjoy how great it looks on my desk.


I'm a fairly tall person and when I sit up straight at my desk I'm always a tad taller than my monitors. I found myself slouching a little to ease the effort on looking slight down at my screens. I decided to buy this riser and I love it already after one day! My monitors are now elevated to a comfortable viewing position and my desk looks more organized and feels like I have way more room. My only grievance is that I feel like it was a little on the expensive side. It seems very sturdy to, I guess it evens out there.

Craig F.
High quality TV riser!

Super easy to put together (screw the five legs on) and very sturdy feeling. I was able to get my 60' LG on it, with room for the dvr and sound bar below. Perfect fit.

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