Affordable Office Chair Parts to Repair Your Favorite Swivel Chair

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Imagine spending lots of money for a nice and comfortable office chair only to find its wheels become loose within several years of usage. Bummer, right? Office chairs are sturdy and can last you for a really long time. But with everyday use, signs of wear and tear are bound to show up, eventually damaging components of your office chair. If your chair is out of warranty, don’t fret! Luckily, most manufacturers, including expensive brands like Herman Miller, now offer replacement items for office chair parts, saving you both time and money scouting for a new one.

Replacement parts are also a cool way of upgrading and customizing your office chair for maximum comfort!

Below are some of the office chair replacement parts that you can easily purchase online:

Office Chair Wheels

Most chair wheels, also known as casters, are manufactured for a very specific type of flooring. Some casters are great for carpeted floors, and some are suitable for hard surfaces.

If you’ve recently changed your flooring or moved into a new home, chances are your office chair wheels won’t glide as smoothly on a new type of surface.

When replacing your office chair wheels, it is important to think long-term and choose a replacement item that could last you for years in any type of surface so you wouldn’t end up changing your wheels too frequently.

office chair part wheels

One of the most cost-effective replacement or upgrade options for your chair wheels is the rollerblade type, which is easily the best type you could opt for. Rollerblade wheels are versatile and glide smoothly and quietly on any type of surface, without leaving those nasty scratch marks that plastic wheels do. 

rollerblade wheel chair parts

There are three types of chair wheel stems—grip ring, grip neck, and threaded stem. The stem is what attaches the wheel to the base of the chair. Most brands use the grip ring stem caster because of its ease of use. Just snap it in and you’re pretty much done! Rollerblade style chair wheels use the same stem type and are compatible with 95% of office chair models.

Looking for a tutorial on how to replace your chair wheels? Check out our simple guide here! Or our video below: 

Office Chair Cylinders

Chair cylinders make raising and lowering your chair seat possible. You may have also heard other people refer to it as gas lift cylinders.

office chair part gas cylinder

Gas lift cylinders contain compressed or pressurized nitrogen. As you pull the lever located beneath the chair seat, the gas inside the cylinder will switch its chambers allowing you to adjust the height of your seat to a comfortable level. Over time, the chair will eventually lose its “lift” as the air leaks out of its container making your chair sink every time you sit on it. 

If this happens, you don’t have to replace your entire chair. You can save money by purchasing a cylinder replacement kit instead. As with other parts of your office chair, office chair cylinders are easily replaceable! Cylinder replacement is easier and cheaper than you think. Check out our video tutorial below to get a better idea of the replacement process.

Cylinders come in a variety of lengths, usually from 4 inches to 10 inches, but the standard cylinder length in most chairs comes in 5 inches. Regardless of the length, most cylinders have the same size in terms of its outer and inner diameters which usually come in 2 inches and 1.1 inch, respectively, so compatibility is not going to be an issue. If your chair is sinking or lost its lift, now may be the best time to get a replacement.

There are even full cylinder replacement kits available that include a removal tool, gloves and a lifetime warranty. 

Office Chair Base

The chair base is what connects the wheels and the cylinder, acting as the overall foundation of the chair. Therefore, it needs to be sturdy to avoid any accidents or injuries. 

office chair part base

Generic brands usually offer chair bases entirely made up of plastic which is prone to break within months of continued use. Plastic or polypropylene chair base will also not be able to support heavier loads. If you’re looking to replace your chair base with a safer and sturdier material, we recommend looking at metal bases that’s either made up of aluminum or steel. 

Aluminum base is the sweet spot for a replacement base because of its durability and is relatively cheaper than its steel counterparts. It can also sustain a decent weight range while being light and portable. Taller and heavier persons looking to replace their chair base may opt for a steel base replacement instead. Steel is around 250% denser than aluminum, making it heavier, sturdier, and more durable. It can support heavier loads that are otherwise difficult for an aluminum base to sustain. Steel bases come with a heavier price tag and are often found in high-end brands.

Since most manufacturers use a grip ring stem for chair wheels and most cylinders have the same diameter, compatibility between these swivel chair parts will not be a problem. You can easily find a replacement base available in many online platforms including Amazon.

Office Chair Tilt Control

Tilt control allows you to lock the tilt mechanism of your chair and the tension knob adjust the resistance of the chair's backrest.

office chair part tilt mechanism

If you want a firmer sitting position while typing or gaming, you can simply adjust the tilt control to stop your chair from reclining when you lean back. If you want a more relaxed position while in a meeting or taking a short break, you can also adjust the tilt control to switch to a reclined position. 

Your chair’s tilt control can become stiff or loose making your chair tilt too backward or forward, potentially resulting in back pains or in some cases, accidents. This may be caused by loose screws and metal plate or a faulty tension knob.

Most replacement items for this specific office chair part are not widely compatible across brands due to different seat measurements and screw positioning. For this type of replacement, you may have to consult an office chair repair parts service, especially if you have an expensive office chair that you don’t really want to throw out!

However, the most popular style found on office chairs use a 10.2" x 6" mounting hole pattern. If you measure your chair to fit this screw pattern then we would recommend a heavy duty steel tilt control mechanism

Other Swivel Chair Parts

Aside from the wheel, base, and cylinder, other parts of your office chair may become damaged from everyday use too. This includes the chair seat, armrest, chair back, and lumbar support. It is quite uncommon for manufacturers to offer replacement for these broken office chair parts unless your chair is from an expensive and reputable brand like Herman Miller’s Aeron office chair, which offers replacements for arm pads, lumbar support, chair seat, and chair back.

Best Office Chair Parts Summary

Office chairs are really an investment, especially if you are someone who works remotely and spends hours everyday sitting in front of your computer. No matter how good, comfortable, and expensive your chair is, it will become damaged years down the line with frequent use. The good thing is you don’t have to throw it out and buy a new one if one of its parts fails! There are plenty of office chair replacement parts you can buy with an included incredible lifetime warranty!

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